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March 30, 2020

Top 5 Tips for Soothing Anxiety during Covid-19

I think the simple answer is often overlooked…

We’re so used to BELIEVING that everything has to be hard and stress-full. Truth is, we can make things easier for ourselves, even during a pandemic.

Here’s my top 5 TIPS FOR SOOTHING ANXIETY, right now…

1. Schedule Alone/Me time
The biggest challenge my clients have talked about this week is that with everyone home they have lost their routine and their self-care is suffering. Self-care is non-negotiable especially during crisis-time. Negotiate with family/partners for at least 30 minutes twice a day. Take a bath, soak your feet in lavender water, go for a walk completely unplugged, do adult coloring book, put on some dancing music and rock out. Do something that brings your energy up and makes you feel joy-full

2. Breathe! Just sit still and breathe for 15 minutes. Don’t worry about quieting your mind or thoughts. Just watch your breath move in and out of your body. The thoughts will come. Just re-direct your mind like you would a toddler, gently with compassion. I highly recommend Nadi Shodhana breathing. It’s EXCELLENT for resetting your central nervous system. Google a You Tube vid for instruction.

3. Do something to shift your energy body! Anxiety typically happens in 4 different places in the body, but the top one is mental overwhelm/obsessive thoughts. Anytime you move the energy out of your head you improve your body awareness and short-circuit the anxiety, creating a new energy pathway. Do a meditation, massage the bottoms of your feet with oil, do an energy healing on You tube, do a virtual energy healing with a healer or intuitive or coach, chant a mantra like OM 108 times. Do reiki or healing touch on yourself.

4. Get outside, hug a tree. I’m serious. Trees are deeply rooted and they can re-connect you to your root chakra and provide a sense of safety and security. I know it sounds too simple. It works!! And it will create a lot of laughter and entertainment for those that observe you. Laughter is good medicine!

5. Give yourself a hug. Wrap your arms around yourself . Cross your arms over each other and put your hands on your shoulders. Yes, do it now! It roots, grounds, and centers you. Sit for a few minutes and just receive your own embrace and self care. Remember you have everything you need within and think of one thing that you did that you are proud of yourself for. Give yourself some credit!! Look for the positive and how you have gotten yourself out of a difficult situation in the past.

Be at choice. Choose to direct your thoughts and energy. Don’t invest them in things that are out of your control. Invest it in the present moment and your well-being, right here, right now. We often think that healing is a big event. It’s not. It happens when we string together simple small actions to get us where we want to go. ?

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