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March 21, 2020

What it means Being Human.

It means always seeking answers and at the same time accepting over and over again that we will never have the answers to all of our questions. And that we will find everything we need to know within us.

It means repeatedly questioning our purpose in this universe and at the same time telling ourselves over and over again that we are here for a reason.

It means losing ourselves from time to time and whenever that happens, finding our way back. It means learning to trust ourselves, our path, our inner voice and our soul again and again.

Sometimes it means getting overwhelmed by emotions and at the same time reminding ourselves that this is what makes us feel alive.

It means feeling pain and experiencing tough times every now and then, and meanwhile remembering that we are in those situations because we are the only person who can handle it. It means not forgetting that pain is necessary for growth.

In some moments it means being negative and seeing only the bad things but simultaneously reminding ourselves that there still are all the good things in our lives that we can focus on. No matter in which situation.

It means always craving for the predefined image of perfection and at the same time redefining this image to understand that everything is perfect the way it is and that we are perfect just as we are.

It means continually replaying past experiences in our mind, and being scared about the future, but at the same time bringing us back to the present while reminding ourselves over and over again that living in the moment is all we have to do.

Being a human is a daily practice, just like yoga or brushing our teeth. Being a human means to balance life every time it gets unstable, over and over again.

It means trying. It means trying again. It means trying harder next time and not giving up. Being capable of all this is so amazingly powerful, and we are, too. Because we are human. And this is life – all of it, the good and the not so good parts – and we are doing if perfectly fine just by living it.


Image: Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

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