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April 27, 2020

5 ways to pump up our day in isolation, and after

I think we can all agree that being isolated can become tedious and draining even for the best of us.  Here are five things can we do when waking up with a feeling of “Why bother” or maybe even worse, “I really don’t feel like facing this day at all”.

By Maria Rinné

It is time to connect to our inner Warrior of light and high vibration. We are not doing this only for ourselves but for our surrounding and our worlds energetic possible shift. The more of us that manage to stay in a light higher vibe, the easier we make it for those that struggle.

Here are five tips to shift those days when we wake up in a foul mood to lift our energy in a tuff situation and keep it there.

1 – Put your happy pants on and get into warrior mode

Start the morning by telling your body and mind it is going to be a fine day. Say it out loud, with an oomph. By doing this simple act our body and mind take the order and run with it, searching for opportunities to show us all is well during the day. If we communicate the opposite, our body and mind take that command, searching for things to match. The thing we tell our body and mind is what we will attract, whether we believe in it or not.

Ground this command further by visualising the feeling you would like to have when coming back to bed at night. See it, feel it, exaggerate it, then release it. Skip details about how, when, where or with whom you got there. It is the pure feeling we are after, nothing else.

2 –Shower with intent

Water is a beautiful purifier for our energy as well as cleaning our body. On days like this take your time in the shower or bath. Whilst there, ask the water to help you clear low vibrations, clear your mind and wash away whatever is occupying its space. Imagine the water as a sparkling light sweeping your body from lower vibrations, making room for the good vibes to take place and space.

Yes, we are working with energies here, so your brain can go back to snooze, skipping any details.

Then give your body extra intentional love. Let it know how grateful you are to have it work as well as it does. It speaks to you and shows you when you are out of balance through your mood. Well worth some gratitude. Love it and it will love you back.

3 – Breakfast time

Here is a fact; low vibrations attract low vibrations and vice versa. When we are in a foul mood, the food we steer towards is often junk food. Our body is looking for energy to match our low energy. We are not likely to hit the green section in our kitchen on days like this.

This is now our second time of the day to get int a conscious warrior mode (no one said it was a magic trick to shift mood, but so worth it).

Prepare your breakfast with the highest nutrition, even if it is not what you are up for. Be grateful to it and what it will do for you. Literally give thanks to the food, then eat it with the warrior mindset of serving your troops good stuff before going out into the battles of the day. A purposeful send-off with a gift of a shift. Your body will thank you by raising your vibes.

4 – Lets be oh so quite

Next step is to silence our mind, connect with our heart and ground our energy. This is a top tip that should be part of our routines every day. Waking up and throwing ourselves into the day, it is easy to forget who we are, at heart. Instead we operate on habit and autopilot. Not helping that high vibe, we are fighting for today.

Take a minimum of three minutes to connect with yourself. Open a window or get out in nature if possible. Take a few deep breaths and visualise the air as a bright light filling your system. Breath and let your anchor fall into the depth of your heart and Mother Earth. Leave expectations and exist in silence for a few moments.

When anchored in our heart, we allow ourselves to hear what we want during the day, making decisions and choices easier.

5 – Looking for joy

Now we have a great starting point. Let us keep that momentum going by actively searching for things that makes us feel good. Stay clear from negative focus. You can see it, hear it but do not attach to it. When we are on a look out for positive vibes, we automatically raise our own mood.

Remember to be kind to yourself if you fall off the track. It is easy done and if so, make sure you get back up without judgement.


Why shouldn’t we just keep going with that low vibe we woke up with?

First off, we absolutely can walk around in a mood all day, no judgement. We should however remember that we have a choice. These tips are for those of you who are looking to choose something different.

Second, apart from having a nicer day we also contribute to lifting the energy for those around us. We become a lighthouse in our surrounding that could be crucial for someone else.

Thirdly, we create our coming days and life from this lighter platform. Our thoughts, feelings and actions today are a big part of our tomorrow.

On a bigger note, the world is going through unprecedented and fearful time where we might feel powerless. We are not powerless. We can contribute to a high holistic world vibration. If that is not a reason to pump up our day, what is!

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