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April 20, 2020

Seven Keys to Mindfulness During COVID-19

We are in a time where there is a lot of uncertainty and fear regarding the pandemic that is sweeping the planet. Life is not what we are used to. Many of the activities we are accustomed to are ‘on pause’ and most of us are spending a lot of time at home. Sure, we get bonuses like online concerts and gatherings – but a lot of this time is spent in isolation. And thank the Universe that many of us can do our work online, or we have found alternative ways to create an income by diving deep within and utilizing that powerful Life Purpose.

We are seeing a split in consciousness – those who are still glued to their TV sets, taking that information as fact without doing the research – and those who are tapped into the frequencies of truth, and energy. By doing the research ourselves, we can determine what is safest for us.

For me – as an Aquarius, I am a rebel of society and clash with the mentality as Otep puts it – ‘work, buy, consume, die. I’m not the one to do something because someone tells me to. I’m going to do my research and FEEL into the energy of the situation.

If we feel the need to protect ourselves with social distancing, face masks (it’s now socially acceptable to look like a character from Mortal Kombat!), gloves – by all means, take care of what resonates most with us.

Many are indeed sick, and many have passed due to this dis-ease. But what’s ‘real’ and what’s not? It is said that the brain does not know the difference between an imagined thought and ‘reality’. Also, according to Hebb’s Law, ‘brain cells that fire together, wire together’. So whatever we think about, we bring about. If we visualize healing, we will see healing. If we fear sickness, we will bring that about.

According to David R. Hamilton, Ph.D., he writes – “Research shows that if we imagine increasing the numbers of particular immune cells or antibodies, we can increase these numbers. It has even been trialed in patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, where one group of patients, in addition to receiving their treatment as normal, also visualize their immune system destroying cancer cells. These studies show that patients visualizing their immune systems working have higher numbers of T-cells and more active killer cells than those not visualizing.”

Many already have compromised immune systems, and to add fear to the equation can compromise even those who are in optimal health.

So what can we do to ‘beat this pandemic’? Here are a few suggestions –


Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian prayer for forgiveness. It can be used on self as well as the entire Universe. It says – “I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. I thank you.” We’ve all made mistakes. We’ve hurt ourselves, others, and our Mother Earth, who is healing through all of this.

By using this as a daily practice (which can be also used as often as we’d like), benefits can include improved relationships with others, self and our planet – and increased vitality and happiness.

Instead of stomping all over ourselves for the mistakes we have made, this allows for instantaneous forgiveness. There is no need to dwell in the past any longer. All is cleared at that moment. we can even visualize a bright ball of energy washing over that which we have forgiven ourselves for and POOF! It disappears as if it had never existed in the first place!

This mantra also includes another component to raise the energy of the planet – Gratitude. How often do we just rush through our lives like a hamster on a wheel, not giving enough time to slow down and be thankful for what we have or the environment around us? Have we stopped to give thanks that we have woken up today with a beating heart and able to breathe?

And when we extend gratitude, we extend love – and so our energy field expands, touching others in the cosmos. And where love dwells, fear cannot.

One of my teachers, Kate Shipp, said to us one day in Yoga Teacher Training –“Fear knocked at the door. Love answered. No one was there.”

A low frequency like Fear cannot dwell where a high frequency like Love lives.


When we speak of energy and frequency, notable figures like Gandhi and Tesla talk in forms of being and energy.

“Be the change we wish to see in the world”

“If we want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

If we believe that we are healthy, we are. If we believe we have ultimate health, we do. Even for those who are compromised, it has been proven that to repeat these affirmations of health, one begins to see the changes in our life. The adult body consists of 50-60% water. We have learned from Dr. Masaru Emoto, that water has personality, and the crystalline structures take shape according to what we emit. And we have various fluids in the body – including blood, cerebral-spinal fluid, plasma, and so on. All of these systems are pulsating from the words we are speaking, even internally, silently, and from a subconscious standpoint.

To deeply believe one is healthy, and to be relentlessly unwavering, health will increase, and so, as the population returns to health, the ailment rises in frequency through sympathetic resonance.


Extending on an earlier section, many successful entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins, Esther Hicks, Bob Proctor, etc. speak about the importance of writing a gratitude list daily. What are we grateful for in this moment? Pam Grout also speaks of ‘Inverse Gratitude’ in her book, Thank and Grow Rich –statements like “I am so grateful that I did not lose my job today.” And taking this gratitude a step further, a statement like “I am so grateful that the world is healing from this pandemic, and we are on the road to recovery” can create such an immense result. As we use our imagination, there is no limit!


Since we already know that our brain does not know what is ‘real’ and what is not, journaling is a handy tool. we can write out our ideal life, and the more we write it, the more the energy rises, creating new neural connections between ourselves and the universe – and like a magician waving the wand, it appears Just. Like. That.

So we can do the same with the state of the world. Write about what it would be like following the pandemic. How will things have changed? Already, carbon emissions and pollution has cleared in many parts of the world, water is cleaner than it has been in decades, air quality has improved. What would it look like in our ideal world post-pandemic? our imagination is the only ceiling!

What is our Passion or Dream?

Since we’ve slowed down so much, there is much space and time to take up that passion, hobby, or start on that dream that we have put off for so long. What are we passionate about? What makes our soul soar? Have we been ignoring that calling?

How would it feel to actually go for it? Imagine coming out on the other side, when things get back to ‘normal’ fully engulfed in what we really love – and the contribution that would make to the world around us. Start now – because we can’t use the excuse, ‘I have no time’ given current circumstances.

Mindfulness and Meditation

We’ve already spoken of so many methods that we can do when starting our day. In addition to gratitude, when we wake up in the morning, we can give a few extra moments to getting into the ‘flow’ of the day. Imagine – the alarm clock goes off (or music) – our eyes open. we take a moment to breathe in deep, rotate into our wrists and ankles, smile, stretch, admiring the details of our bed(room). Then mindfully placing our feet onto the floor, we walk to the sink to brush our teeth and begin our routine.

Perhaps we have fifteen minutes to do a quick yoga flow, some push-ups or qi gong.

If meditation isn’t easy for us, start at five minutes. Focus on the breath with our eyes closed. Equal inhales and exhales. If we’d like to initiate some fire, activate ujjayi breath by letting our breath sweep across the upper palette of our mouth, creating an ocean-like sound. Some call it “Darth Vader Breath.”

Some also like to ‘chant’ in the morning. This is the repetition of a mantra to bring it into the body, and mind. we can use a simple mantra like “I am grateful”, “I am love”, “I am successful”, or go into something like a Sikh or Sanskrit mantra. “Aum” is one of the most simple mantras to calm the mind. I also like to chant the Hare Krishna Mahamantra, the Gayatri Mantra, and the Sikh Mul Mantra. 


The main goal of yoga is to still the mind through movement. Then again, the ‘yoga’ that we know today is only one of Patanjali’s Eight Limbs, in which we can achieve “enlightenment”. Yoga was originally used by ancient Sadhus or holy (wo)men in preparation to sit in meditation for prolonged periods. These days, we have all sorts of yoga whose benefit is to move us through the stuff of everyday life. This pandemic is a “nastiness”, and what it is doing for the world is as ruthless as it is cleansing. And so we must be still. We may get frustrated, sad, angry, etc. – It’s all normal. Our lives that were so commonplace over a month ago have been stripped away, and so, as we practice this yoga, we can gain inner peace to the situation, and get a good workout in (because that’s what everyone’s all about these days, right?!).

And there we have it – seven ways to ‘beat’ this pandemic. Things may seem a bit slowed down now, and as we do this inner work, by the time the world ‘starts up’ again, we’ll find ourselves to be more peaceful and ready to take on the everyday challenges with a new perspective. This all leads to greater cohesion in society, creating ironclad bonds with our brothers and sisters. Perhaps instead of trying to purposely avoid each other as we go about our lives, we’ll invite others in, similar to when our dog meets another dog, and it’s an instant play date.


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