May 16, 2020

18 Tiny things I’m Grateful for during Corona-Time.

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Like most folks, I have plenty of time to think, introspect, eat, kvetch, talk on the phone, drink, eat, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, read, eat, do paperwork I hate doing, clean, take walks, sleep, and eat while doing my taxes (thank God the deadline was extended so I can continue procrastinating).

Here are some positives that have come out of this Upside Down State of the World for me in no particular order:

  1. I decided to foster a dog from a kill shelter in Alabama. Instead, I immediately adopted all 9.5 pounds of her. She is a goofy, funny sidekick for me and quite a character (like me). We rescued each other during this pandemic. Her name is Little Lulu. I’m in love.
  2. I’m not spending money on gas ’cause there’s nowhere for me to go.
  3. I’m not putting mileage on my car.
  4. My car isn’t getting sideswiped in a parking lot because it’s always in my garage.
  5. There is no outside pressure from anyone or anything while in this cocoon.
  6. Talking with friends all over the world and having meaningful conversations. No emailing! No texting!
  7. I’m not buying useless stuff I don’t need.
  8. I am practicing self-care (I hate that expression but it’s so popular): cut my toenails, shaved my legs, gave myself a facial, took the chipping nail polish off my finger nails, plucked and tweezed, and a few more too personal to mention.
  9. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything ’cause there’s nothing going on.
  10. Jokes on the internet are hilarious, so I’m laughing a lot. Did you participate in this one? “Write names of movies and substitute toilet paper for one of the words?” I laughed so hard I cried. “Gone With the Toilet Paper” really got me.
  11. Climate change is improving!
  12. I am listening to the birds sing while taking nature walks with Lulu.
  13. I can sit on my deck and feel the warmth of the sun (not often these days in New Jersey, but still) and the caress of a gentle breeze (sounds romantic but…it’s just me and Lulu).
  14. I never knew I could spend this much time alone and enjoy me! Hurray!
  15. I have valuable time to mourn the passing of my 91-year-old parents. I am glad they are not here to experience this COVID-19 madness. The stock market alone would have given my dad a heart attack.
  16. I cleaned out closets, donated fabric for masks.
  17. Demonstrating active sympathy, empathy, and compassion whenever I can. It feels so good.
  18. Optimism: one day this virus might be tamed. Maybe we humans will, too. I can only hope and pray.

I know it sounds trite and probably corny too, but I really do my best to find the good in every situation. This virus is giving all of us so many opportunities to really look at ourselves, our lives, our friends and family, dig deep, and renovate our inner foundation.

Just having a roof over my head, food on the table, clothes on my body, water to drink and clean are basics too many in this world simply do not have. I am grateful every day that I can see, hear, smell, taste, walk, talk, and so much more.

Universal gratitude might just turn things around. Join me, won’t you?

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