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June 25, 2020

America is Lacking Vision

On day 3 of the riots in Los Angeles, Monica Henderson, Thought Leader and Author of “Visionaries Manifesto, Activating the Vision Within” woke up to find her building had been vandalized. In an instant, memories of her traumatic childhood came flooding back. Despite her PTSD reaction, Henderson was able to quickly recover and pull herself together. She is speaking out to offer hope and vision for our abused country. 

“It’s like our world has an abusive step father”

“It’s like our world has an abusive step father,” says Henderson, “our President isn’t protecting us, and does not speak up for us. The person who is supposed to protect us from bad people is inciting bad people. And you have people who are supposed to be our protectors, the police officers and elected officials, who are seemingly looking the other way.” 

The entire situation reminds Henderson of being raised in a volatile home.  After a night of yelling, arguing, holes being punched in the walls, the next morning, she was supposed to get up, get dressed and go to school as if everything is normal, with the residue of the ickiness from the night before.

“The cycle of chaos is happening. We are at a point where we have to make a choice,” says Henderson, “There isn’t one American who isn’t feeling angry about something. Are we going to take that anger that is building up inside of all of us and keep acting out?”

Step back and evaluate

Henderson recommends stepping back and evaluating the emotional feelings that turn into a temper tantrum, and recognize how perpetual anger and violence is contagious. 

The second step of Henderson’s recommendation is to identify and say out loud, “I don’t like this, this is wrong and I’m going to do something about it.”

The third step is to identify what you want the vision to be. Progress can only happen with a clear vision, when you know what “fixed” looks like.  You have to know what you want the end result to look like.

You can’t begin to heal if you don’t know what kumbaya looks like 

Once you have your vision clearly defined and written down, you can identify the steps you need to take. Then you can heal.

Henderson says the world can’t heal right now because know one knows what the kumbaya moment looks like. 

“Our President doesn’t seem to have a vision, or if he does, it doesn’t match what America needs. It doesn’t seem like our elected officials have a vision for how we’re going to get through this. Individuals are walking around lost, and the lack of vision has erupted into anger. 

The entire country, from the top down, is lacking vision. It’s time to come together.”


About Monica Henderson: Pulled by a vision, pushed by her pain, Monica M. Henderson created MinkLife Motivation Principles to bring change to the entrepreneur world. Monicia went from a single, homeless mother without any business prospects to becoming a jet-setting wife, socialite, and business mogul living her dream life. Monica unveils how creating a strong vision for your life and your business will change lives and help you to live more healthy, wealthy and fulfilled. Learn more at


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