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June 3, 2020

Changing Times

It’s been a while since I last saw you. I miss seeing the glow in your eyes, not the one behind the camera filter. I miss your voice, the one that I hear when I don’t talk to you the phone. I miss your candid facial expression that you can never hide when there is no “camera off” option. I miss your smile which I can see freely because you are not wearing a facemask. I miss hugging you, that makes me feel safe.

I miss the days when we sit together at the café and laugh our hearts out for hours. I miss seeing you waiting for me at the burger joint, or the pizza parlor, or the ice cream shop. I miss watching movies at the cinema with you while sharing a bucket of popcorn and drinking from the same straw. I miss dancing in the streets at a festival with you. I miss holding your hands while we walk in the park, or at the beach, or at the mall. I miss going to the seas and lying on the sand with you. I miss having those road trips with you, especially those when we let the cool wind with the smell of grass touch our cheeks freely.

I miss you driving for miles late at night just to see me, as often as you want. Like how you would drive 500 miles on a Wednesday night only to drive back and again after two days so you could stay over the weekend. I miss having conversations with you from dusk til dawn while we just sit at the rooftop and gaze at the stars.

The world has changed and it’s still changing. Things may not go back to how they were but I hope that one day we can have roadtrips to smell the grass on the road again. I hope that we won’t cover our faces with masks and we can see the beautiful smiles of strangers at the joint. I hope that we can shake hands with new acquaintances at the park again. I hope that we can sit close to each other again so I can lay my head on your shoulder while watching the stars and lying on the sand. I hope that we can hold each other and by doing so, feel that we are safe again.

The world maybe changing but our loving hearts can stay the same. Let our loving hearts stay the same.

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