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June 22, 2020

Former State Trooper Weighs in on Controversy

A former state trooper and now founder of an organization focused on teaching young people the principles of success and personal responsibility, has weighed in on the latest controversy sweeping the nation, police and citizen overreaction and miscommunication.  Orrin Hudson, who credits a teacher for turning his life around when he was an inner city at-risk youngster headed down a dead-end street and later founded Be Someone, Inc. in 2001 using the game of chess to teach life lessons, says he is stressing 10 key points.


“These recent tragedies provide an opportunity for dialogue and introspection,” said Hudson.  “Finger pointing and further needless violence will be counterproductive and will only shame the memories of George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Ahmaud Arbery and others.“ The life strategist and chess champion feels these 10 points will help positively frame the national dialogue between police and citizens:


#1 – Have Faith: People may not be fair, but God is just and fair and we must trust in him (Vengeance is mine said the Lord…). Many people are religious, but tend to forget their faith when they are facing injustice. The Bible, Quran, and most other religious books encourage peace, faith and trust in a higher being.

#2 – Take the Non-Lethal Approach: Police departments around the country need to start taking the non-lethal approach to non-lethal situations. Alternatives such as mace and tasers, just to name a few. If you think violence is an answer, then think again! We must become peaceful if we want peace. What you want you must give.

#3 – Be More Sensitive: Police departments must do better at providing sensitivity training. All citizens should be treated with respect and dignity. We can choose to understand from a new perspective. Change your mind and change the result. See with eyes of love and understanding rather than with fear, doubt and anger. Know that when you hurt others, you are also hurting you and yours.

#4 – Think Kenny Rogers: All of us need to apply the Kenny Rogers’ philosophy which says “you got to know when to hold me’, know when to fold me, know when to walk away and when to run.” We need to know that we have choices and options, and our thoughts and actions return/reflect back to each of us in kind.

#5 – Encourage Youth To Respect Authority: Many police brutality cases often start because of young ones being disrespectful to those who are in authority. There needs to be a long conversation with the youth about respect and courtesy. Being respectful should not equate with being submissive. Respect is a choice and a value. When we understand the value of what we are choosing, we will choose trust and wisdom. We must teach such values to our children and to each other!

#6 – Love Your Neighbor: Love thy neighbors as you love yourself, and remember this also implies and intends that one love one’s self. This means that we need to discern the difference between our fearful ego and our true self.

#7 – Stop Blaming Others: We need to stop blaming others for our actions, and pull out a mirror and take responsibility for ourselves. We also need to walk in love, and like Mother Teresa said, “Focus on the positive.” Yes! Stop in your tracks and think again! Change your mind. See with new eyes. Put the situation in a new light; the light of love. When faced with a situation, ask yourself, “What would LOVE lead me to do now?” Think for yourself.  Don’t be influenced by crowd think.

#8 – Consider the Price: Fighting and unnecessary violence is too big of a price to pay. Someone always ends up dead, and the family members are left to suffer. Power is never what it appears to be in the world. Spirit is power in love.

#9 – Think Non-Violent: This especially applies to police officers. Be cool and calm, and live in the present; it is the true gift. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Either non-violent or non-existent.” Listen to the wise, they have changed themselves. Their words and actions still ring true! Youthful shouts often ring hollow.

#10 – Stop Being Controlled by the Media: Stop letting the media propaganda control your actions, thoughts and feelings. Be aware and discern what is true, loving and wise. Remember, they are in a competitive business.  Sensationalism sells but often lacks truth. Wrong is wrong, and right is right. Base your opinion on your own thought process.  Don’t let anyone control you.


Orrin Hudson is the one of the world’s foremost authorities in teaching young people how to think like a champion and make every move count. He has created a national model using the game of chess that empowers young people to believe their own ideas, think for themselves, solve problems and Be Someone! He is available for training and speaking engagements. For details visit

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