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June 5, 2020

Human Be Hope

When I see the newsfeed, when I read about the news, when I hear people and animal cry, when I see the world being devastated, when I learn about the recent happenings that make innocent lives suffer, I can’t help but feel sadness. Sometimes it makes me think that we do not deserve this planet, the only home we’ve got. It makes me think that we do not deserve an innocent animal’s trust, for humans can kill anyone who are willing to be fed by their hands. It makes me think that we do not deserve nature’s abundance for humans are the ones who dry the lands, pollute the waters, and poison the air. It makes me sad that we, humans, are capable of hurting everything and everyone around us. Whatever good life has to offer seem too much of a luxury for those who take it for granted.

Nevertheless, we are humans.
We are capable of fixing things, of healing the sick, of making trees grow, of building lasting friendships, of understanding beyond reason, of knowing what’s right and wrong, of enriching the world, of doing what’s good.
May we choose to give hope to this world.
Afterall we are humans, the reason why we have the word humanity.

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