June 20, 2020

A Solstice Prayer to Re-Write our Destiny.

“The summer solstice is one day when the sun is at its ecstasy and the power of prana is the maximum so that you can be enriched with that vital primal force so that your destiny can be rewritten.” ~ Yogi Bhajan


June 20, 2020:

Northern hemisphere: summer solstice—longest day, shortest night.

Southern hemisphere: winter solstice—shortest day, longest night.

Solstice this year precedes and coincides with the dark/new moon and a solar eclipse on June 21st.

Summer solstice is one of those times that seems like one thing but is really another.

I wonder how many of us realize that at the last winter solstice we began our journey outward, the days gathering strength and light until this moment of midsummer’s eve. Now, just as we become truly aware of the fantastically long days, we begin our journey inward again, the hours of light starting to shorten. For those in the southern hemisphere, your days are now lengthening, the goddess births the sun.

At solstice, no matter which hemisphere or season we happen to be in, we celebrate our connection to the wisdom within.

Being aware of the seasons is one way of understanding the shifts that occur within our body, psyche, and spirit, especially when these shifts arrive through subtle dreams and longings.

Perhaps we should celebrate two cycles, like the old Celts, who saw the year as having two seasons, the outer and the inner-bound?

At summer solstice, we celebrate our expansiveness, our creativity, and light, while transitioning toward the introspective darkness of our being. We have been taught to fear the darkness, but it is within the darkness that the mystery of our questions unfolds.

Solstice can be viewed and celebrated in these ways:

>> Ancient healers made their most powerful tinctures and potions around the time of the summer solstice. If you are inclined to grow your own herbs or can harvest them carefully in the wild, now is the time to put up your favorite medicinals, oils, vinegars, and dried bundles, especially mint and nettles.

>> Plan a circular walk on the solstice, or visit a stone circle if possible. Many ancient stone circles are aligned to the solstice sunrise.

>> Organize a night-long celebration with family and friends. Music, fire, food, and dancing are important elements for this time of year. Feel the heartbeat of the Earth Mother, as you sit with bare feet firmly planted on the ground, drums beating, the warmth of the sacred fire holding us in community.

>> Greet the day by watching the sunrise from a hilltop or at a known power-point in your area.

>> Plan acts of environmental commitment with a group of like-minded individuals.

>> Take time away to eat simply, journal, dream, discover, express. Perhaps the solstice is a time to celebrate by oneself? There are no rules. Do what is needed.

>> Spend as much time in nature as you desire. The earth is open and inviting at this time; feel her energy, and give her the best of yours.

We are indeed re-writing our destiny this solstice. As the world churns with inner and outer turmoil; as we re-examine our values, principles and create much-needed change; as we search our shadows and hold everything to the light; his and herstory books will be re-written as well.

It is time for truth and transparency.

May we walk softly on Pachamama, practice inward silence and contemplation while our voices are raised for justice and equity.

May we re-charge our souls under the power of the star which sustains life on this planet.

May we be in gratitude for the seasons which provide us a map of sacred inner cycles.

May we rest our nervous systems as we practice conscious breath: a breath in for sustenance and unity, a breath out for the release of everything that keeps us divided.

May we walk the way of beauty, the way of ancient healers and shamans, who taught connection through the heart, among all beings, our brothers and sisters, all sentient life on this planet.

May we listen to each other with closed mouths and open hearts.

May we lay the foundation for a just future. May we not shy away from what is raw and painful and cruel, but embrace solidarity where division has ruled.

May we offer our hands to the work of reconstruction of society.

May we come into right relationship with our own soul and the souls of everyone, and not give excuse to the past for determining our future. May we do better.

May this solstice be the shifting point in human existence, the point of knowing ourselves with integrity.

We cannot hide from the light nor the dark.

At either solstice, we look in the mirror and greet everything that we are.

And it is good because that is the magic of becoming.

Solstice Blessings, Wild Ones.



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Read 8 comments and reply

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