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June 11, 2020

Twin Flame Characteristics

How Do You Know if You’ve Met Your Twin Flame?

Oh, you know. Trust me, you know. Your entire body feels it. Your heart knows it. Your mind on the other hand will ask 101+ questions to verify and confirm it. When in doubt, trust your heart.

It’s truly magical. The Twin Flame relationship is a blessing. You feel a sense of calm and “home” when you’re with them and when you think of them. Your heart will always remind you of them even when your mind tells you to leave or tries to push them away.

And why does the mind do that? Because your Twin Flame will show up in a way that your mind doesn’t want or expect. And your mind will freak the f*ck out when your heart is in control.


It’s Not what you Expected

People think that their Twin Flame is going to show up perfectly wrapped in a red bow on a silver platter with all the traits and characteristics that they’ve always dreamed of and hoped for. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s a soul mate, not a Twin Flame. A soul mate is a similar soul and will usually share similar characteristics, traits and interests as you. But not your Twin Flame.

A Twin Flame will set your soul on fire. They are meant too because you’re the same soul energy. They are the Yin to your Yang and the Yang to your Yin. The fire to your ice and the ice to your fire. They complement you. They push you to be your true self. They get you like no one else can. They love you like no one else can and they trigger you like no one else can.

You have telepathy with them. You connect with them in dream state and while you’re awake. You feel and sense their emotions and thoughts. You’re connected at all of your chakras, so when you heal, they heal. It’s a mystical and magical relationship that’s unexplainable to anyone who hasn’t experienced it. You don’t share this connection with anyone else. Just your Twin Flame.


With or Without You

I never understood the U2 song, “With or Without You,” until I met my Twin Flame. Your unique traits will trigger one another. When you get triggered, you both will want to run. When you run, your ego eventually fades and your heart sets back in and you realize that you can’t live without them. You’re not meant to. You’re meant to heal the triggers you bring up in one another.

But it’s easier to blame them. It’s easier to point the finger at them and say that it’s their fault and that they need to change because who wants to face themselves? Who wants to face the void within that’s truly causing the pain?  That sh*t is hard and uncomfortable.

That’s what your Twin Flame does though. They teach you to face those wounds that are in need of healing because they all stem from fear, not love. You want to be with your Twin Flame? Then start looking within. Start looking at all the fear-based thoughts of why it’s not meant to be.


The Traits & Characteristics

Your ego uses evidence. Evidence of why it’s not meant to be and why it’ll never work. The Twin Flame relationship is designed that way so that you choose love over your ego. And what’s the evidence you may ask? The triggers and more!

Your Twin Flame will be different. You may be from different racial, ethnic, religious, political and/or economic backgrounds. There may be a huge age gap between you or you’ll share the same birthday. Or, they may be of a different sexual orientation than what you’re usually attracted to. You may live in different parts of the state, country or the world.

There may be unique circumstances around your meeting. Or you may have known or met them years before, but then reconnected. Additionally, they may have interests or habits that you said you would never accept or put up with. And the list goes on.

There may be other “challenges” even. They may be married to or dating someone else. You may be the one who is married to or dating someone else. They may tell you, out of fear, that it will never work or that they don’t have the same feelings for you. You may, out of fear, tell them it’ll never work and that you don’t feel the same.


Love Overcomes Fear

It’s set up that way for a reason. To teach you that LOVE overcomes all obstacles. LOVE is the only thing that matters. Love is real and everything else is just “mind-made” by fear to make you run.

All these “obstacles” and “challenges” are mind-made. They’re not real. Your mind worries about your Twin Flame being too young or too old, or too this or too that, or not this and not that. Your mind worries about what other people will think or say since other people made up those rules. 

Love knows the real answer. Love only cares about you. Love cares about your heart, your happiness and your joy. Your heart will ask you if you’re happy each day and will let you know when you’re not. Your heart knows that you would choose your Twin Flame over it all. That you would pick up and move to a deserted island with them and roam and be free to love.

Your heart will teach you how to love. How to love yourself and your Twin Flame. How to be happy with or without them because it knows that when you’re happy on your own, that’s how you call in your Twin Flame. That’s how your Twin Flame stays in your life. YOUR happiness is the key. Not your mother’s, your father’s, sibling’s, cousin’s, neighbor’s, church’s or traditions. You have to choose your happiness first.

I always say that the Twin Flame relationship is a love and learn relationship. You have to learn to love yourself in order to love another and that’s what your Twin Flame teaches you. That’s what those triggers teach you.

How will you love yourself in this moment? Will you choose love over fear? Will you choose love over your insecurities? Will you choose love over the opinion and judgment of yourself and others? Be bold. Be brave. Choose courage and love. Choose your Twin Flame love and journey because it’s the path to the true you and your true happy.

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