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June 19, 2020

Will you Go with a War-Cry or a Whimper? ~ Ben Ralston

For those that have eyes to see, heart enough to bear the pain, and the will to do what must be done – this is for you.

If you’re still thinking in terms of normal / “new normal” then you might as well go read another article – perhaps one that stokes either your guilt or your outrage over racism.
If you’re still desperately seeking comfort, familiarity, and distraction, then this isn’t for you.
If you’re still caught up in the (old paradigm) quest for money, or power, or fame – this isn’t for you.
Because you guys haven’t been paying attention, and it might well be too late now.

This isn’t for most people. This is for the few.

The few who find themselves on a healing / spiritual path, and probably lack guidance.
The few who feel all the pain, the rage, the fear, and are still looking for answers.
The few who didn’t sell their souls yet.

You see, this world – this life – is not at all what we’ve been told it is. We’ve been told that it’s a big clock-work machine. Planets revolving around stars revolving around galaxies… objects that fill space that fills time. Evolutionary processes that can be measured and manipulated.

We’ve been told, lately, that everything can be controlled (even death and disease), and that science is God.
We’ve been told that nature is there for us to do with as we please, and that there is nothing to fear as long as we keep paying out taxes.
We’e been told that the government will save us, and that voting is the solution to all our problems.

But it’s all a lie. Because you see, the real nature of this world is not mechanical but magical.
It’s magic that keeps the stars and planets in their eternal dance.
It’s magic that keeps spirit and matter in a never-ending orgy of over-flowing life.
It’s magic that animates your soul and lights up your eyes and makes everything possible.

And we’re all dying slowly. We’re all waiting for death to tap us on the shoulder and whisper in our ear: “time’s up, follow me”.

So this is for those of you with the courage to face into the stream of life and demand the truth.

I have been doing that since my world fell apart when I was 6 years old. As I look back now I look back with nothing but gratitude for that long, slow, dark night of the soul.

I spent decades at war with myself, desperately seeking some sense in this life, relentlessly and uncompromisingly searching for something (anything!) that made sense. I sacrificed everything (everything!) in order to simply not die in ignorance.

And then I slowly started to find answers. I started to understand the truth about the situation that humanity is in. I started to gain clarity. I started to know my power even in the midst of so much victimhood.
I discovered truth, and with it, I experienced freedom.

I know finally that I am a sovereign being. A sovereign, creative, magical being.

And now here I am – still healing countless generations of my ancestors’ hurts, still unfurling wings wider and wider, still looking for the next step to take in this life, and not afraid anymore.
Reaching back and saying “This way, don’t be scared, everything is perfect!”

My death is coming. I am waiting patiently for him, safe in the knowledge that I am not that which dies. I am not this little life, this little personality, this little moment in time.

Each day I walk through many doors, and with each step I breathe and laugh and sometimes cry and occasionally I also roar.

The final door of this life will be the greatest adventure, and all the adventures in between are the ways in which I prepare myself for that, only that.

The empire is falling, sand runs through my fingers, the ages have turned, and here we stand: all of us together, on the edge of this precipice.

How will you go?

Will you jump or do you wait to be pushed?
Will you go with a war-cry or a whimper?
Will you carry the regret of ignorance onwards with you, or the joyful abandon of your true innocence?

These are serious questions. These are contemplations that most people cannot fathom. But this is not for the masses. This is not for those that never took the time to try to think for themselves. This is not for those that chose to turn their backs on the calling.

This is for the few who are chosen and not the many who were called.
This is for you and I, my love.

This is for you and I, magical creatures in a magical world who have taken the time to re-member ourselves in our truth, in our beauty, and in our power.

This life is fleeting. But this love is eternal. And we know who we are.

If this IS for you, then – spread the love (hit the ‘heart’ button), share your thoughts in a comment, use the share button. Blessings on your eternal path <3

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