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July 12, 2020

How Staying Focused on Your Objective Vanquishes Misery

I was recently interviewed by Rodney Flowers on his awesome podcast, Game Changer Mentality.

We were discussing how to be resilient in difficult times like these. How do we stay the course when our minds are dominated by disease, ignorance, social injustice, anger, and uncertainty about where we are heading as individuals and as a society?

He and I both agreed on several points.

First, anger is natural, but when it’s undirected and blended with a feeling of powerlessness, it can become more destructive than constructive.

Second, although we can’t change everything we’d like to, we can direct our efforts where they’ll do the most good; to our own inner personal growth.

And third, when we focus on being the best versions of ourselves, we discover our power. Power to control our mindset, power to access our creative problem solving skills, power to act as a positive example of grace under fire, and power to stay focused on our vision.

More often than not, outcomes fall short of our desires when we abandon our vision in favor of reacting to the injustices of the moment. Rodney gave a great example on the football field.

Your opponent is trying to psyche you out by calling you names, yelling racial epithets, demeaning your personhood. If you take the bait, you run after the instigator rather than towards the goal.

If instead, you direct the anger towards the objective at hand; the one you set out BEFORE the game, you’ll probably transmute that anger into power, and you’re more likely to score a goal.

This week, notice how much of your mental energy is being sucked up by the various instigators; and then see if you can redirect your anger, frustration or fear into the power you need to be single minded in your purpose; focused on your goals.

And then see how much more you accomplish, how much better you feel, and the difference you make in the lives of those you touch.

I think you’ll surprise yourself!

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