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July 2, 2020

Life meets you where you are, not where you want to be.

“It only takes one step, one consistent action that genuinely supports you (or the collective) and it will change your life, (or the world).

If we want something to happen/change and we can’t do it directly, we create the context for it to happen naturally, as an extension or natural consequence of something else.

Maybe its waking up an hour early that allows more space into your life so that you can feel free; or maybe its taking walks every morning to clear your mind so you become lighter inside and out; or maybe its reading a book every night before bed and before you realize it, it transforms you.

Maybe its getting ready & telling yourself you are beautiful every morning or eating all the right foods for your meals and suddenly you are feeling more confident and sure of yourself, and maybe, this gives you the courage to take the bigger step that you’ve needed or wanted to do for a long time.

Maybe you start daily journaling and eventually end up writing a book!

Maybe you are looking for a lover but have had no luck in love. So instead of actually going out seeking another human, create the context to meet someone new, start going on (new) adventures.

Pick a new thing, the dog park every morning, the same coffee shop every Saturday, the yoga studio or gym every other day, walk the trails or sidewalks every evening, find something to do consistently that inspires you and eventually you’ll run into someone as a natural consequence of your consistent efforts to meet Life toward wherever you want to go.

Because, Life meets you where you are, not where you want to be. 

YOU are the only thing standing in between you and who you want to be or where you want to go.

We, as a collective, are the only thing standing between us and a peaceful existence.

Find (little) ways to create the path toward the direction of your desire, or sense of peace or purpose (whatever it is that you want to create within yourself or within your life).

Find ways that make room for it in your life and it will be birthed through your labor (efforts).

This doesn’t just bring us more joy & fulfillment, it affects every aspect of our lives and all our interactions & relationships.

When we make room to love ourselves, we make room to love others.

It’s up us to create the world we want to see, through our own self- realization/awakening.

This is the current calling to/of humanity. To awaken/love ourselves and thus, transform the world.



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