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August 4, 2020

Is something or someone influencing how you feel?

We have been taught to see the world as cause of everything, be it how we feel, how our life is playing, when the absolute reality is the opposite. The cause is in our mind, the result is in the external world. When something or someone makes us feel emotions like frustrated, angry, small, the only time we can say that it is actually them and not us is when we are not affected by it in any way. If we are triggered, then it is a lot to do with an unconscious part of us, which we cannot see in ourselves and therefore it appears externally. This is called projection. Projection is a psychological defense mechanism. There are unconscious parts of ourselves that we do not accept and it shows in the external world through people we have relationships with and/or via circumstances.
I love this quote by Robert Ohotto ‘One of the greatest gifts of service we can give each other…is to own our own projection.’
Next time a situation or someone makes you feel less than or frustrated or any other emotions even joy, ask yourself ‘what is this showing me about my mind?’
As you begin to look within, you will free yourself from being in a victimised position to being the pilot of your circumstances.

Sending you love and light,

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