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August 12, 2020

Guess I’m going back into Quarantine. {Adult}

“It’s called a dress code you fuck.”

This is the slow-burning anger of sanity we’re all feeling right now:


Whelp, I guess I’m mostly going back into Quarantine, instead of enjoying and supporting Local.

I love my community, and have long been pushing folks to avoid Amazon and support local–but it’s getting really stressful and tiring trying to support my favorite local businesses.

“Really didn’t feel safe today.” ~ my message to the Downtown Boulder Association (that is trying) (but it’s on us)

Lots of folks not wearing masks (which is fine if distance), but many folks are walking or even jogging without a mask right on sidewalk or passing right by diners and folks at cafes, including me. There needs to be a mandate–I know you all have tried. The friend I was meeting is at the point (he’s an influential community member) where he doesn’t come downtown at all.

I argued with him for it being safe.

Then at Trident, the customer right in front of me, indoors, wasn’t wearing a mask, just feet from barista. He’s a regular, so this wasn’t a one-off. No one said anything to him. It can’t all be on them. I protested to the employees after he’d left, saying it’s on all of us to make it safe for all of us, it’s not their fault, but that can’t be okay—and the dear employees, friends, didn’t really respond. I talked with one of the owners, a friend, and instead of reassuring me that they were working to keep things safe for customers, she rather too understandingly said she takes her mask down to talk, sometimes, too.

It’s really just not safe, going downtown–distancing is not consistent, mask wearing is not consistent, and particularly indoors, if neither is consistent, I can’t go. And I’m sure there’s many like me—and many more, like my friend, who have given up trying.

That said: love Downtown Boulder’s new sanitizer station!


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A few photos (including the one up top) from my recent camping trip: 




Bonus: you’re so fucking macho with your open nose and your throat. 

“Joe Rogan VS Bill Burr (Cartoon) on Wearing mask and Something about Elk.”

Best comment:

“I’m not going to sit here with no medical degree arguing with you who has no medical degree” …there wouldn’t be a Joe Rogan podcast if this were the case.


“I trust the scientists. I might be wrong, but if I’m wrong, at least I just looked a little different for a few months with a mask on, whereas if You’re an anti masker and it turns out YOU’RE the one who’s wrong, well, you fucked everybody by being wrong.”

Another good one:

“I used to really like Joe Rogan. Not because I thought he’s smart or insightful (he’s a moron) but because he was entertaining and gave good interviews (or so I thought). But ever since I started working from home and listening to more podcasts, I’ve begun to realize he’s not even remotely a good interviewer. He’s actually a pretty terrible interviewer. Even with the whole “boys shootin shit” approach he’s got going on.

I feel like I’ve turned on him now. Not because of clips like this. But now that I’m more on the outside looking in, I see he’s not really much more than just an Alex Jones-lite. He’s this generation’s Alex Jones. A HEAT-SHOCK-PROTEIN aged-alpha/frat-boy going off on conspiracy tangents and complaining about how society and “sheeple” just “don’t get it”. And then just washing his hands of everything with the old “I’m an idiot, don’t listen to me” trap door. He’s not as nuts as Alex Jones, for sure. He’s just a more diluted-with-reality Alex Jones. He’s Alex Jones if Alex Jones took his meds.

Bill Burr, on the other hand, is a fucking national treasure.

Edit: For the people replying to me “OMG HE WAS JUST JOKINGS!!!”, yeah of course he was riling Bill up. But he also believes all that shit.

Him and his friends have proven repeatedly how fucking insane, conspiratorial, and idiotic they are in when it comes to COVID.

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