August 24, 2020

Stop Chasing Them—Remember who the Eff you Are.

I have been a “Chaser” my entire life.

I chased after things I wanted to have and own.

I have chased after my dreams and goals.

I have chased after specific people.

I have chased after old friendships—tried to rebuild them.

I have chased after answers.

I have chased after attention, validation, and love.

I was the chaser in a twin flame relationship.

I even see license plates that have the word “chase” on them—all the time.

But, the truth is, chasing gets me nowhere; it won’t get you anywhere either.

Chasing is really just an attempt to gain control (in disguise).

I recently decided I was going to chase an old friend after having a vivid dream about them. I woke up feeling sad—something was missing. I thought I wasn’t whole without a best friend as I scrolled through umpteen photos of others with their besties.

I wanted that again. I had had that in the past, so I decided to reach out. 

No response. Ugh, here I go again—chasing.

I have been working on being a former Chaser. I don’t want to chase anymore. I know I am a divine being, and we don’t chase anything—there is no need to.

Chasing equals lacking; chasing equals feeling unworthy.

Attracting is the thing.

And I know this; I teach this; I preach it inside and out to anyone who will listen to me. 

“Get in alignment, and the things or person will come after.” 

Don’t go after that person and beg them to come back. (I have done both.) The first felt somewhat good, but the second felt awful and entirely misaligned from who I am.

So it’s no wonder I chased this friend—I still have work to do. I still have a feeling of lacking inside of me (though not as much as before), and every day I have to choose to give it up. I have to work hard to surrender, just like you do. I have to choose to float and allow what is meant for me to come. And it will—once I am in a high state of beingness.

I still want a best friend again. I miss the closeness, having someone to tell all my secrets to, laughing until my belly aches, and all of the beautiful gifts a friendship like that brings. I still really miss my old bestie, but I can’t chase that anymore. I have to use my tools; trying to control outcomes never works. 

Maybe you’ll learn the hard way as I did. And that’s okay—more than okay. We are here to remember who the eff we are and stand in that energy. 

Remember: Attracting is the key. Be powerful and flowing.

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