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August 25, 2020

our shadow/the inner child – needs love….love the shadow in yourself to set the light free

The Light.
Love It Free!
An explosion of Light!
Love the Light Free!
No longer held back, it explodes forth with power and momentum.
This Light is finally free!
The darkness no longer pervades.
The light no longer sits waiting in the shadow of your dark days and anguished nights alone.
The light has escaped, wrangled free of its grasp.
The darkness banished? No.
The darkness embraced, and loved, and accepted and held.
Dear darkness, you, too, are free.
Can’t you see? No longer blind.
Awakened and aware of all the light that exists around you, and beyond, and outside of the pain and loneliness and hurt.
All gone, dissolved by light and love.
Reenergized into freedom of thought.
Freedom of self-limitations and self-destruction.
The thoughts dissolve, flutter, and float away like the embers burned in the fire – the lightness of all that encompasses in the light.
Dissolved in love, freedom and lightness of being.
Shadow, you have been loved free.
It – the shadow, we love you.
You were loved and you are love, even amidst the dark lonely days of hate, ignorance and abuse.
Attacked and cajoled, poked and prodded into the corner of disgust and shame.
Stench filled moments of self-hate and despair eating away at your insides.
Eating away at the inner.
Eating away at you.
Love the pain.
Love the shadow.
Love the darkness of the inner eating away at your child.
The child who needs love, nurturing, caring, understanding, patience, loving acceptance and loving kindness.
No more shame.
No more revolt.
No more bashing and beating that innerness that sits in your belly, squeezing and holding its breath until it is momentarily forgotten.
Until it regains strength and rises again – the stench of the belly, the inner being of ignorance and shame and hate – ignored.
Love it Free!
Send love, not ignorance!
No more ignoring the inner clenching, the inner lonely child of shadow.
The shadow is the child.
The shadow, the inner being, is the child that needs nurturing, loving, patience, acceptance, not ignorance.
See! An explosion of light!
The momentum of love!
Love It Free!
Love It Free!
Love It Free!

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