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August 6, 2020

Stop Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils And Start Voting For Your Morals And Values. (OPINION)

The idea of voting between the lesser of two evils has been touted around practically since the beginning of this country. Our leaders, the mainstream media, as well as friends and family have all perpetuated the simplistic idea that in America, you must vote left or right and to not do so makes you a traitor to the two party process or even more laughable, that your vote is wasted. In reality, though, who are the real traitors? Both parties have failed American citizens time and time again  with their pandering and self serving policies.In addition, the mainstream media and the democratic process in whole has failed time and time again to fairly and accurately cover Third Parties in their news stories, polls and debates. It is absolutely a disgrace and a farce to call the political system in America fair when all people running for office do not get fair representation.

So many individuals are fed up with the games that both sides are playing, but yet they continue to vote for “the lesser of the two.” Imagine if all these individuals, instead of holding their breath and voting for who they think is the least evil, voted for who they actually think should be president? What if instead of voting Blue or Red because its what you’ve always done, you research, investigate and find a candidate that aligns more with your views and morals.

If you can say with a clear conscience that you support the President or Senator Biden, I support you. However, don’t just vote for one so the other doesn’t win. I’m not deluded enough to believe that either Third Party candidate will be walking the stairs on Capital Hill January 20th, 2021, however I do believe that if enough people that are fed up with both parties antics vote for their morals, and not party lines, that the 15% vote needed will be reached in 2020 so that in 2024 and beyond, Third Party candidates get the coverage they deserve.

In close, do your research. Don’t go into a voting booth in November to cast a vote just so its against the opposition. Go in voting for who makes you feel good for yourself and who you feel will lead this country in the best direction, rather the mainstream media gives them a shot in hell to win or not.

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