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August 5, 2020

The Secrets of Grounding, Connecting with Earth’s Energy 

Extensive research shows that an evident lack of grounding which has to do with the development of an advanced disease also termed as “electron deficiency syndrome” It’s not usual for people to spend whole days grounded. However, it is already the new standard norm, and it was not quite unnatural till manmade shoes are being worn out something that hindered grounding. It is not known that when a  person is grounded, free electrons are transmitted from Earth to the body, which is among the most concentrated antioxidants known to mankind.


How it Affects the Body

Electrons are negatively charged as well as free radicals are positively charged, these free electrons will neutralize or cancel all free radicals contained in your tissue. Hence, grounding against all of the chronic inflammation is effective.

Even though you don’t think about the human body like an electric generator, it is a big electrical being, and this is why using grounding to try and take advantage of the whole Earth’s electric charge is very important.


The Earth is a Massive Battery

We live within a battery, and not everyone is aware of this fact. The Earth’s ground is negatively charged as well as the ionosphere, which is about 60 miles higher up in the atmosphere, is ionized by the sun. The sun’s rays are so strong and powerful that somehow they divide the molecules into two, positive and negative.

The negative charges are mainly transferred to the Earth’s surface by lightning, and thus the positive charge stays 60 miles and up. If we have no negative charge, problems arise. Also just as we need air as well as sunshine, we need grounding too.


Grounding Reduces Electric Field Induction

Grounding shows that the voltage of electricity in our body from the environment is reduced, which in the technological world is becoming more and more important. According to studies, it shows that when our body is grounded, the electrical potential balanced together with the planet’s electrical potential. So because of this, it prevents the 60 Hz from generating AC electrical potential over the surface of the human body and also from causing a disturbance in the electric charges of the molecules that are inside the human body.


The Umbrella Effect on Human Body

The research proved the Umbrella effect in the human body according to the Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman during his lectures about electromagnetism. He said that if the body’s potential is identical (and therefore grounded) to the electric potential of the Earth, it transforms as an extension of the Earth’s sizeable electric system. The potential of this planet is thus the working agent, who cancels, reduces, or removes electrical fields from the body.


Benefits of Grounding

The simple pleasure of walking barefoot can be a great activity to promote health, even if it sounds simple. In 2012 a scientific study published in The Environmental and Public Health Journal showed that grounding has lots of benefits.

  1. Improve sleep quality and peaceful feeling when you wake up.
  2. Reduce tightness and soreness of your muscles
  3. Cut down on chronic pain.
  4. Normalize cortisol stress hormone secretion, which adheres to the typical morning peak and medium-night cycle. It helps improve the relaxation of sleep and the regulation and control of weight in blood sugar.
  5. Reduce stress and balance the autonomous system by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (which controls the “rest and digest” of our body) and calming the compassionate nervous system.
  6. Reduce inflammatory reactions severity after intensive training.
  7. Raise the variability of your heart rate (the capacity of your heart to react to stimuli).
  8. Healing the wound quickly.
  9. Mood Enhancement. In one study, grounding improved adult mood for one hour.
  10. Inflammation is produced by white blood cells, the neutrophils. When we get a wound, the damaged cell, these white blood cells come to enclose the damaged cell and release reactive oxygen, ripping the damaged electrons, destroying the damaged cell.
  11. It makes the blood thin, making it less viscous, by strengthening your red blood cells’ negative electrical surface charge.
  12. Increase your cell’s water structure. Water is highly ordered (structured) and charged in each cell in your body. If the water in your cells is not structured correctly, it may impact the functioning of the large protein molecules (and other molecules) that interface with the cell.

Where to Do Our Grounding

Pavements and any manmade grounds are out of the list where we should do our grounding. We should do it in nature parks, at the beach or in the mountains. Our goal is to connect to mother earth without the restriction of roads and pavement blocking our direct connection to the natural ground. Doing this every day can have a lot of benefits to our mental and physical health.

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