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August 4, 2020

The Unbroken Promise

The space where our breaths reside,
The heart where our tears hang
The soul where our love shows
The flaming spirit, keeping us sane

The time stood still in its entire infinity
Despite the bodies dancing in insanity,
Her effervescent smile, her musical laughter
Her heart opening up like a blooming morning flower

The touch of her hair, on my face
Long eyelids touching my lips
Hands on hands together, laying in oblivion
The touching toes reminding the path we have walked before
The entangled fingers, holding our past and present, a future to unfold

The cry of clothes to shred, in the zone of timeless desire taking over, reminding us
The easy path takes you to ruins
The difficult one fills you with passion
Dark cloudy night painting us a picture
Brushed with colors of past, present and future

Oh, thy heart, should we ask our mind?
Or maybe we drift to the sound of heart
To the music that was planted long before us
The dance that was written in 7 stars
The song that is to be loved
In trembling bodies
In nurturing souls
Embracing a new journey.

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