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August 2, 2020

When We Let Go, God Steps In

An atom, the smallest particle of physical matter, is actually made up of mostly space. So, in actuality, everything is nothing and nothing is everything, down to the core of our existence … meaning the entire physical experience contradicts itself.

Science itself often contradicts itself. While one experiment/study/experience can support one theory, another can support the exact opposite. Since both results are true, both are also false.

What is true can also be false and what is false can also be true (depending on who you are & your experience). This also means that none of us are right and none of us are wrong.

We are each accurately observing our own personal experience and reality from our perspective as a living and breathing contradiction of someone else’s experience or reality.

And this dynamic is natural and inevitable.

That’s why the ultimate solution is not “what is true” or “what is false” but what is LOVE (trust/compassion/understanding).

I think the best we can do is TRUST each other’s point of view — even if we think its downright ridiculous and foolish — and understand that we are all experiencing what is true for us (and meant for us).

In trusting each other, we also trust in the higher truth – Divine Order – the infinite and intelligent wisdom beyond this realm and our comprehension.

We trust that all that is occurring has a Divine purpose or value to it, and although it may not be fully understood while we are here, if it is here, we know that it has purpose.

With this sense of inner trust/knowing comes an offering, acceptance of what is and a subsequent surrender; which allows me the freedom to have my own truth, allows others to know and live theirs, and allows God’s plan to live through me, however it is presented.

When we let it go – surrender our story and personal attachment to everything – that’s when God steps in.

And we certainly could use a miracle!


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