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September 16, 2020

I Need to Write to You

I need to write to you

Or to me, so badly…
I want to say…
Then… it is just stillness
I get lost for words
Or words get lost for me
I think it is because the way we meet, in complete surrender
I feel myself melting into you, and you melting into me
That place… where
Time does not exist
And words for that matter
It is always now
As it is now
It is whole
It needs nothing more
Or nothing less
It is complete
How you receive me,
I receive you
How you give (in)to me
I give (in)to you
In our own ways… I would not want you to be anything else but you…
I mean oh my goodness
What a gift
. . .
I am like water
It is hard for the water to have boundaries
It molds into everything, it takes the shape of the container,
It digs in deep
It just cannot help it,
It soaks through… clothes, and skin, and bones…
Maybe you know it by now, this water wants to take over! I know…
Possessive, it could be … it can get lost in the sinkhole
In a blink of an eye…
Luckily, you know how to play with water,
Even better, the water is learning her ways
Of shapeshifting
Of trusting
Of stilling
Of being
Trusting the wind.

There is this beautiful tale about this river~

Right now, it’s like this.
You allow me to be me, and even more… to explore myself in places I have never been.
Love being, sharing and laughing with you.

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