September 23, 2020

Boundaries: the Little Lines we draw for a Better Life.

Boundaries are just a line—a way to keep the path clear.

Just another way to be living in our light, our truth.

When we stay true to the boundaries we need, our journey is smoother, we are happier, and we find an inner peace that centers and grounds us.

Boundary setting has been a particularly difficult lesson for me to learn. In moments of insecurity, I have approached this process with anger, defensiveness, despair, criticism, and self-righteousness. I have spent a lifetime fearing boundaries, unnecessarily worrying that my decisions would hurt others, that I would be unloved, unsupported, or cast out by those closest and dearest to me.

These fears have stopped me from setting boundaries. I have often been left with seething anger, blaming situations (or others) for my incapacity to say no. Accepting boundaries as a necessary and healthy tool, on the other hand, has allowed me to own my choices, from a place of peace, confidence, and inner power.

I support myself and others better when I choose boundaries with clear intentions and know that I am worthy of my needs. There is nothing to fear but much to gain from respectfully and lovingly creating joyful paths that, in turn, serve not only me but the greater good.

Today, I am asking myself what I want and need from a calm, quiet, confident space. This space does not fear or blame or seethe in anger. It is a neutral place inside of me, filled with relief, curiosity, and love. Here, it is safe to approach boundary setting with simple logic: if I want a smooth, clear path, I need to choose the guidelines and guardrails that make this desire possible.

Boundaries, dear friends, are just a line. Today, I am choosing the freedom to make boundaries over fear. I am allowing myself to experience the playfulness of drawing the lines and the joy I create by having boundaries for myself and others. Today, I am drawing the lines firmly and confidently from a place of power and flow.

As I honor myself and others with these choices, I send a fervent wish that you, too, may experience the same joys. 

As you set your own boundaries, you will start to feel the freedom and expansion we are all worthy of.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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