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September 21, 2020

The Messy Side of the Law of Attraction That No One Talks About

You think of something you want and poof! It instantly manifests, right? Well, not always. The Law of Attraction has given us the means to attract everything that we could ever want to us, no imagination is too wild for it to handle. Despite that, some of us encounter twists and turns along the road to living our best life. Why isn’t it so simple?

We hear you. It’s not all butterflies and rainbows, working with the Law of Attraction can be frustrating and discouraging – but only if you don’t know how to apply it! Here’s a question for you, how well do you know the Law of Attraction? Honest answers only! You might know the basic principles or you’ve heard of the latest manifestation technique that claims to ‘instantly’ grant you all of your wishes. As great as that is if you want to become a spiritual wizard you need to know exactly how the process works.

You’ll need to become well versed with the rules and regulations behind the Universal law, it’s time for you to get acquainted with it so that you can become the best version of yourself. It’s more than ‘the 5×55 method’ or shouting affirmations when times get tough, the Law of Attraction is the exchange and the process of vibrational energy manifesting itself into the physical realm. The basic formula for manifesting your desires is to ask, believe, and receive. Ask the Universe, get clear on what you want, and set your intention. Believe it, trust that you will attract everything that you are asking for. Receive, the Universe gives you exactly what you wanted. 

The Law of Attraction, as a whole, is full of tricks, tips, theories, and methods that can leave even the pros feeling a little dizzy. It’s important to take your time and get to grips with the foundations of the law so that you can start creating and manifesting till your heart’s content. 

Those of you who are Law of Attraction fanatics may be thinking, but what if I know and understand it already? Well, you’re already one step ahead of the game, props to you. Now, on to conquer the scarier side of attraction which is a stumbling block for many. Buckle up as we explore the reality of dealing with reality vs expectation. 

When we want to manifest something we apply ourselves, put our intention out into the Universe, and if we’re not careful we get smacked back down to earth when we open our eyes and realize that our current circumstances don’t match what we’ve been visualizing. When our lifestyle doesn’t match the one that we’ve been dreaming of, it’s easy to feel discouraged and dejected. If that sounds like you then we have the answer to your problems.

Do. Not. React

You might be right in thinking that it’s easier said than done however if you allow your current circumstances to consume you, you’ll struggle to manifest anything at all! Know that it’s ok to acknowledge where you are, don’t flinch at your current reality. The trick is to accept it and feel ok with your situation because everything that you want is on the other side of letting go and trusting the Universe. Now is the time to pop on your rose-tinted glasses and look at the good in your life, be thankful for where you are and where you are going. 

When you start to feel scared and off-track because your desires haven’t manifested yet you’re practically sending a bat signal out into the cosmos that says ‘I don’t believe this stuff works’, causing the manifestation to shrink into nothing. Don’t panic! Stressing and worrying over the fact that it hasn’t happened yet will only cause you to separate from your desire and fall out of alignment. Remember, it’s not over till you say it’s over – you are the creator and the ball is firmly in your court. The expression ‘hate the player, not the game’ couldn’t be more true, the Law of Attraction is working for you all the time, no exceptions.

The outcome of your life comes down to one, and only one, person – that’s you.

Before your manifestation springs to life, you may experience a downturn where you’ll find that you’re taken out of your comfort zone and everything starts to shift. For instance, say you’re focusing on manifesting money to pay your rent yet there seems to be absolutely no money in sight, or if you are focused on manifesting your dream job, you might find that you’ve been ghosted after you’ve scored your dream job interview. The majority would look at their situation and pull themselves away from their manifestation, this is not the time to give up!

In spite of the opposing current physical picture, this is the moment where you must feel BIGGER than anything you see happening in your reality NOW. Keep picturing your rent paid in full or keep picturing that you got hired for your dream job no matter what. Keep Trusting that the Universe will deliver. Then, suddenly when you least expect it, something amazing will manifest into your experience that will lead you to expand forward on to a whole new level and conquer the messy side of the Law of Attraction. 


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