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October 18, 2020

3 Ways To Bring Goddess Power Into Your Life

“The woman is often revered as The Mother Goddess. Without The Divine Shakti, there will be no creation. The feminine energy is the most powerful energy.” ~ Dr. Pillai


The Goddess, also called Shakti which means “power” and “life force,” is the embodiment of divine power, intelligence, and creation. Connecting with the Goddess within you can cultivate a deeper connection with yourself than you ever thought was possible. Through this powerful connection with both yourself and the Goddess, you will be unstoppable in all that you wish to manifest, love and create. So, where do you get started? Here are three ways to bring Goddess power into your life.


Chant Shreem Brzee

The mantra Shreem Brzee is connected to the Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, love, fortune, beauty, and prosperity. Lakshmi wants to bring you abundance but she cannot intervene in your life unless you call upon her for help. Chant or write Shreem Brzee 108 times per day, or listen to a Shreem Brzee mantra recording to bring the loving power of Lakshmi to your life. 

Celebrate Navaratri

“The Goddess has ultimate compassion for human beings, especially during this Navaratri time, so we can wake up to an understanding of our own capabilities to live the full consciousness, because our senses delude us.” ~ Dr. Pillai


Navaratri means “nine nights,” referring to a special nine-day period (October 17th – 26th) when the Goddess is believed to descend to Earth in many different forms to destroy negative forces and help you to experience your full potential and live in your full power. Choose three Goddesses to connect with during Navaratri and chant their mantra for three days each. 

Discover Your Inner Goddess

You are a Goddess! And the power of the Goddess dwells within you. Take time to connect with your inner Goddess daily by placing one hand on your heart and one hand over your womb space. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and say “I feel and connect with my Goddess power.” Visualize the powerful, loving energy of the Goddess flowing from within. 


The Goddess is the embodiment of creation, so she exists all around you. All you have to do is decide to connect with her energy. Simply choosing one of these methods to connect with the Goddess will call in the light, power and creative forces of the Goddess to your life. 


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