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October 17, 2020

Let’s Shine a Torch through our Darkness.

Take away the pillow my love; let me see your little face. Let me stroke your cheek and hold your hand, oh so gently. Let your head rest in my arms, nestled and safe.

We are not there anymore sweetheart; you have nothing to fear. Let me soothe you and pull you close and bring you back. I feel your fear and your pain. I feel it from deep within. I hear you and I no longer run from it. Let me lift this heavy burden from your little shoulders and take it from you.

I am here with you now. You are safe. Let’s shine a torch through our darkness.

Never again will you need to clutch at that pillow so tightly. I am so sorry my little one, my little inner child. I am sorry for what you went through. I am sorry for the pain you still carry, for the pain that you hold so deep inside. But I am here. Let me take it away from you.

You do not need to try to escape anymore. I am here and I no longer run. Let’s take up our space on this beautiful planet. There’s a life out there for us, one of freedom and lightness, in between this pain. Think of all the things we love. Think of each one and hold it tightly inside you, inside your heart. Let me wipe away those tears and hold you tight and soothe your troubled mind.

Let’s shine a torch through our darkness.

Just for today let’s live for the things that we love. Close your eyes sweetheart and let the love flow through. Let the warmth and light spread in, as we shine a torch through our darkness.

Close your eyes and dream of cuddles with Puddie and pulling him close, hugs with Chris, chocolate cake, eating kiwis, eating ice cream, Enzo, and blankets. Think of the warmth in Chris’s smile, Emily’s soothing caramel voice, Alberto’s gentleness, and Monica’s laugh and twinkling eyes. Breathe in the hot sun, feel the sea, the ocean, the mountains, and the trees. Imagine chatting through the night, watching lizards catching flies, swimming in rivers, reading stories, using emojis, and diving deep in the waves. Feel the sand beneath your feet, the cool night air, think of fairies and elves, and magical stories in our minds. Hear the beat of the drum, see the raccoon by the tree, feel the ground beneath your bare feet as we run free, eat more chocolate cake and lie on surfboards with the sun in the sky and the sea below. Think of friends, love, bare feet, sunshine, water, animals, flowers, Life, the Earth, the Magical and Beautiful Earth and the Moon and the Stars. And more chocolate cake.

Let’s eat good food, run with the wind, and dance with the fairies. Let’s run our fingers through Puddie’s soft caramel fur, look deep into his dark, trusting eyes and listen to the thump thump of his tail on the floor.

Just for Today my dear little girl. Just for this minute, let’s do what we love and let’s do what fills our heart and souls with warmth and joy. Let’s live together, now. Let’s shine a torch through our darkness.


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