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October 1, 2020

The Recycling Of The World By Spiritual Expert & Trauma Therapist, Audrey Hope

The Recycling Of The World
By Spiritual Expert & Trauma Therapist, Audrey Hope

You might look outside your window or open your door to see people painfully wearing masks and protesting on the streets. You feel the confusion and anger from the political chaos and the tears of loss from the virus. Yet, as you continue to read this you should remind yourself that you are a survivor just for making it through another day.

It is astonishing what pain can do, something like nothing else can and that is, unite a divided country and inspire the biggest wake-up call. The alarm clock has been sounding for a long time, but this time, it got really loud and close to home that we had no choice but to jump up. The sorrow of our era works as fuel, an invitation to ascend, to grow, and become something new. If we don’t notice now, what will it take? Really?

No one left us a manual for these trying times, to tell us how to play at the game of life, to answer soul questions of why this is all happening and why we are all here. As a spiritual healer for two decades, I have tried to create a simple guidebook of keys that can begin to change people. We must start by understanding that we are upon an alchemical journey to transform and we are all on that ride. Call this a “fork in the road” or whatever you’d like but this is the foretold collective, the potential mass awakening of humanity and we are either plugged in or we are not, we are either in fear or in divinity.

The spiritual upgrade is the end-game. As humans, we have cycles for everything. We live in a universe of rhythms- the planets dance, the sun and moon rise and set, the seasons turn, the ocean tides go in and out. We mark our days in minutes and hours, through sleep and waking. Astrologers watch the stars; the Mayans had their calendars, the ancients left us sacred geometry in sacred sites. Shakespeare coded his plays with secrets and the great artists left us puzzles to try to send us messages. What was their ancient message, you ask? Well, the Hindus call our cycles “Yuga’s” which translates to finding the meaning of age, and specific divisions of time in the ongoing flow of cosmic history for a higher purpose. Some say we are currently living in, what is called, “Kali Yuga,” meaning “a stage of degeneration” or when man moves away from higher things. Many religions around the world explain that humanity moves in waves. These waves pulsate from the golden ages, followed by a fall. These measurements change to signify a state of resurrection following long periods of loss.

It is the way of alchemy to change through divine fire and purification. Everything dissolves and separates and unites again, yet is purified in the process. We change from a lower state to a higher one. We return from the night of the soul, enriched. The old die to be reborn and hearts break to heal. Healing has to happen with everything coming out into the open, an intense process, all at once, with high stakes. This gets us on our knees so we can realize the dross and ugliness and do something about it.

Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island, said that America is a call to soul liberty.
We have been through so much, witnessed so much greed and selfishness. Yet, the beauty, dreams, and ideals for a better world have remained.

It is time to triumph and take the opportunity to create the promised land.
We must fight with spiritual tools and divine power to become masters of energy wisdom. The supreme energy of the universe is to know thyself- and the truth of who we are- multidimensional light beings with the power to heal ourselves and the planet.

Like Michelangelo, who said “the stone must be removed to what is already there, the kingdom of God is within,” imagine, just for a moment, if you truly knew the power you possess?

Enlightened people who feel free cannot be controlled or brainwashed and, forces of opposition love trickery and chaos. They use the deadliest of weapons to control us and turn us against ourselves. Healing self-abandonment is the key to power because it is not what others do to us that is the problem, but what we do to ourselves because of it. Self -doubt is the portal that we have to seal up. To know the light, you must understand the dark. Cynical forces are always trying to take us down. A spiritual path is not a walk to nirvana, but a masters course that tests us and challenges us over and over again, to make us the warriors we have to be. The goal must now be to stay aligned in the light no matter what and never let anyone or anything take your power. We must clear, protect, and align our energy as a life-saving practice.

Understanding the language of energy will one a master of life and in control of their power and destiny. From a higher perspective, you can locate where your boundaries have been invaded and heal quickly. Scan your body like you shower every day. Are you plugged into a draining source? Where did negativity get you? Where are the invisible hooks, chains, and cords that bind you? Where did the fear get in? What do you need to heal? When you answer the questions of your soul, you begin to live in a shield of protection, the armor necessary for the times.
Forces of opposition rely on those who do not know their spiritual strength; let us not make it easy for them.

Written by Spiritual Expert & Trauma Therapist, Audrey Hope.

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