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October 23, 2020

What Is Karma Anyway?

Many people think of karma as the sum of a person’s actions in this lifetime. If you do “good” things during this lifetime, then you will have good karma. If you do “bad” things, then you will have bad karma. But this is a very oversimplified theory on karma. Yes, your actions in this lifetime contribute to your karma. But what many people don’t realize is that karma can be inherited. The karma of your ancestors can be passed down from generation to generation.

Almost all of the experiences you have in life, both positive and negative, can be influenced by your ancestors. 

So how can you change your karma? I’m glad you asked! Here are three ways to improve your karma:

Heal Your Ancestors

When your ancestors pass, they still hold their thought patterns of poverty or wealth, disease or health, success or challenge, etc.  If they have been influenced by an overwhelming scarcity consciousness, they will pass that scarcity to you and you will struggle financially throughout your life. Once they pass, your ancestors cannot release these thought patterns without your help because you are connected to them. Which is why healing them through a ritual called Tarpanam is essential in changing your karma. 

Chant “Shreem Brzee”

Shreem Brzee is a mantra that is used to increase your joy, peace, and support financial abundance. Shreem is a sound that is about nourishment, comfort, and life-energy. Brzee can help remove psychological dis-ease associated with your identity, and attract both material and spiritual wealth.

You can invite the power of Shreem Brzee into your life by chanting “Shreem Brzee.” You can use a mala to count at least 108 chants per day, or you can simply chant while cleaning, exercising, or just relaxing. In general, chant as much and as often as you can. 

Write Shreem Brzee 108 times per day or as much as possible to help bring the thought into physical reality. This practice can also help relieve stress and bring clarity to your mind.

Roll Limes For Karma Removal

Start by getting very clear about the specific karma you’d like to remove. For example, if you’re struggling financially you may say, “Please take away my bad money karma.” If you’re worried about your health you can say, “Please take away any illness karma.” The key to this ritual is getting very specific about the karma that you’d like to cleanse.

Next, take the lime and roll it on your neck, where karma is stored, and chant THIRU NEELA KANTAM (pronounced TEE-ru NEE-la KAN-tum) while asking that the karma you’d like to cleanse be removed.

Lastly, surrender to the process and trust that your karma has been cleansed. Move forward with your day and don’t forget to listen to, chant, or write Shreem Brzee! For more information on the Lime rolling technique watch this video with Pillai Center teachers.


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