October 3, 2020

The Answer to the Question: Why are we Here?

I’m not saying I have the absolute answer to this question, but somewhere between all the one-on-ones I’ve conducted and my own life experience, this is the closest I got to it.

The most frequent question I get (well, actually the second most frequent, the first being “When will I find love?”) is:

“Why am I here?”

The simplest answer I have found, from my past seven-plus years of spiritual work and research is:

“We are here simply to be.” 

Often, this answer triggers people as it is too simple for our minds to accept. You can unfold it specifically for every person, to understand their life path, passions, and find “something to do” while here. But in the end, life is about just being, and being present.

If this answer, at this point, is not sitting well with you, I will present you an alternative that is more readily accepted by the human mind:

“Life is a journey from unconsciousness to consciousness”

We all come here with various levels of consciousness and we leave this planet with a new level of consciousness. No matter how big or small the development, it’s always a step toward a higher consciousness. So, the question should rather be:

“How much can I develop my consciousness while here, and how?”

So why the question: Why am I here?”

I hear this question almost every day from clients, but it was my 10-yearold daughter who actually got my attention.

As I was getting ready to birth her baby brother in late October 2019, she was looking at me, not really understanding why I was about to bring another baby into this world. Like, why even bother?

For her, it seemed too much pain, and also pointless—as there are already too many babies in the world. And I actually understand her reaction. No one tells us why we are here. Adults just get babies left and right, sometimes even when they don’t want the babies.

So, I had to find an age-appropriate answer, not programming her into one belief. And also, I wanted to give her a more wholesome explanation than I ever got from my parents—allowing the spiritual aspect to grow in her. So, I answered what I usually tell others:

We are here simply to be.

But that didn’t answer her question, I could see, even though it is the answer I most believe in and always give my clients.

How do you to get a 10-year-old, or even grown-ups, to adapt to this simple answer? So, I tried with an elaborative alternative, telling her:

“We are here to learn and to grow as a soul. But we are not to chase the learning and the growing, just allow it to find us at the right time and place. Just like when we want to be sitting on the floor and playing with a puppy. We don’t chase the puppy; we allow them to come to us, so we can play, learn, and have fun when the puppy is ready.”

And why do we birth babies? Well, that is because a lot of souls want to come into this specific world at this specific time to be in a body, to be in the human form and learn and play.

These answers she accepted—for now.

Life is a journey from unconsciousness to consciousness.

What I’m trying to remind my daughter, myself, and others is that life is not about hustle, chasing, and then we die. Life is so much more. And I know some of us have rough paths and challenges—for sure, I have had my share of chaos, hurts, and challenges from a young age.

So, how do we adapt so we can be in this world and not contemplate too much on why we are here, why we experience hurt, and why others have more than we have, or whatever occupies our conscious.

How much can I develop my consciousness while here and how?

A simple way of becoming more conscious is to take:

What I know,

What I feel,

What I think,

—and mold it into the next step of life. It is about becoming conscious of where I am right now, where I came from (what molded me), and what I’m presented with in the—“here and now”—moment.

It’s not about chasing the next education, the next partner, the next dream, the next job, or the next project. It is about pausing and becoming aware of what I feel, what I know, and what I think about a given situation, a given person, a given opportunity, or myself in the moment, and make sure it is equal to who I am (my soul).

And I promise you, the minute you start balancing these three questions in everything you do, or experience, you will be pushed in the right direction—to deal with the hurt, the hustle, the pain, the self-alignment you are here to experience or release. You will be guided in the direction of the right people and circumstances for you and your human experience. Life will then start coming to you, wanting to play—just like the puppy.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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