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November 24, 2020


I feel it.

Mid 30s and my body, mind, and soul wants to create.
A new life.  Inside of me.  A part of me.

The ultimate creation.

I meditate with my hands on my womb and I feel it deeper.  I imagine this being growing inside of me.  I feel so much love through-out my whole body.  Like a radiator of joy, love, of expansion.  Like something that is totally meant for me, meant to be.

Everywhere I go I see beautiful little beings now.  I see how others have born pure creation.  I imagine myself in their place.  I feel an electric current of love inside my whole being knowing I will soon do the same.

It is time.  I am so ready now.  So.  Ready.

Deep inner knowing.  Deep love.  The deepest there is.

I cannot wait to bring you into the world, dearest little soul of mine.

You will be born.

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