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November 2, 2020

Is the Election Making You Sick? Political Not Political

Is the coming election affecting your health? Most likely… Now is a critical time to defend and nourish your vital essence. Following the 2016 election, studies reported traumatization in college students, increase in IUDs (long term birth control), declining and chronic health issues due to stress in Latino and Black communities, and increase in premature births. Check in with what is showing up in your body experience right now. Get quiet for a moment and notice everything. Be fierce, feel the unrest, experience what is arising, but also take care of yourselves and your ecosystem including other people. There are some easy ways to regulate your nervous system and access the movement within it as an deep inner resource; call an old friend, listen to or play music, dance, poetry, journaling, forest bathing, painting, walking, meditating, herbal remedies, just breathing. Unplug and tap in. What supports you? What is important to you in the core of your being?
There have been many great analogies of the intensity of living in 2020. A great one I recently heard was that 2020 was like someone mixed a deck of tarot cards with a deck of Cards Against Humanity, a self proclaimed party game for horrible people. Between the ongoing pandemic, social upheaval, and a fear infused national election, we have got so much on our minds, and holding overwhelm in our bodies. Our nervous systems may be operating at maximum capacity, and chronic health issues and stress are part of the bracing a person does just to remain upright in these tumultuous times.
November 2016 I was so fortunate to find myself in Tamil Nadu, India during the U.S. election where I found some refuge in a sacred least for a little while! At his time most of my yoga teaching has been put on hold for the pandemic, but I have been committed to my own contepleative and body practices in between all of the other aspects of modern, family, local, sacred, uncertain life. These are important times to have regularity to stabilize and support our prana as the seasonal change can easily leave one’s vitality scattered and separated. There are non linear teachings from many wisdom traditions that hold keys to skillful navigation of the ferocity of this moment.Think of returning to the heart as entering a cave of refuge.

Embrace the shadow.
Allow for the experience of core energies in strong emotions.
Tune into the etheric origins of inspiration, the heartbeat of creation and the vibratory nature of Earth.
Honor the body as sacred ground. Dissolve and release limiting beliefs and constructs. Recognize the cyclical nature of birth, death, and rebirth. Be a resource for others.
Embark on the path into the dark half of the wheel of the year with strength and deep connectivity.

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