November 16, 2020

Less Toxic Masculinity & More Kind Men—Please.

These words I’m about to write have been crumpled inside me for far too long, gathering dust.

I have seen men continuously ogling girls with their creepy eyes (that is so disgusting), and the men who give butterflies just by their warm smile and polite gesture.

I have seen whited sepulcher men narrating about how they respect women—the men who are quiet but “respectful toward every human being.”

I have heard about the monstrosity of men who have harassed girls, brutally raped, and killed them, and I have seen men who have worked really hard fighting for women’s welfare without any rue and making anti-rape watches and shoes. (Even a small effort matters.)

I have known men who brag about hating feminism and sadden over the fact that men have to “man up,” and handle all the economic crises of their family. I have known men who understand it is patriarchy that forces men to man up and sees women as nothing more than sexual opportunities.

I have known men who, being unaware of the situation and coming out of poverty, have married at an early age. Men who have died without experiencing the light and warmth of family. And I have known men who are outright disrespectful toward their family.

I have heard about drunk men chasing women and deriving their power from their fear. And I have known men who don’t brag that mother nature has made them strong and bold and who actually know the power of humanity lies in values, intellect, and maturity.

By my fortune, the number of latter men has always overweighed the number of former ones in my life—until now. 

To all the kind and moral men on the planet: 

I wish you a happy International Men’s Day (November 19th). I celebrate your presence and the contribution you make to society for the greater good of all—today and every day.

You don’t have to be imprisoned by stereotypes and toxic masculinity in the way that women don’t either.

Men, we need your strength; we need your grounding, your care, your wisdom, and your truth.

We need more patriarchy-liberated men (like you) to act as genuine role models.

Our young boys need you. The world needs you.

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