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November 6, 2020

Life can be difficult but…

Life can get in the way but…. ?❤️

For the most part people are intrinsically happy!

Why seek happiness!? ??❤️

? Because happiness promotes more happiness and life becomes deliciously abundant.

? Humans are naturally resilient
Focusing on our supports, resources, character strengths and life giving abilities attract a health seeking abundant mindset. These create the neuroplasticity of resilience. Which give us the capacity to cope with disappointments.

? Look forward to challenge, challenge gives one the opportunity to find their strength of character beyond self limitation and experience. Own you and the world will follow.

? Other people’s lives matter. Consciously loving the world is the bridge between you and everything and takes effort and changing your attitude from an individual focus to an understanding of our interdependence.

? Understanding our spirit and spiritual connection with life, as sentient creates empathy, this is who we naturally are as its a natural connection.

? Doing what you love is the only job that matters. Life is worth living worth living when we are real, authentic, engaged, passionate and draw meaning and purpose from it.

? Money is simply the energy that supports freedom and a quality of lifestyle that supports loving action towards self and others. Encourage generosity. But money is the energy of diminishing returns, after a certain point if not respected for its flowing nature will not offer happiness, this is why it is good to spend money on other people also.

? Eudaimonia (well-being, deeper form of satisfaction than happiness) or heart maths. Only when the mind is anchored in the body and welded by loving action and choice can deep fulfillment be found.

? Life Energy  is best not wasted on complaining, complacency or comparison, life energy is best served by autonomy, competence, connection to others and reception.

? Humanity is undergoing a retraining program! Humanity is learning natural benefits. ❤️??

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