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November 25, 2020

THE U N K N O W N . . .

My soul is slowly dying.

I’ve been feeling it for a while now.
A subtle disconnect from my purpose.
It was hard to trust the quiet whisper of her earlier on.  But now it is much louder.

My soul is crying, and yelling, like a inconsolable child within.
It kicks and screams louder and louder the longer I resist.

This ‘safe’ place feels unsafe now.  It is still familiar.
But what was once my home is now a graveyard of all the things I have outgrown.

I am slowly dying inside.

It is time to listen, to pay attention to the screams.  To feel them fully, their message, and their pain.

It is time to move.  To trust.  To let go.  To step out into the unknown.

To surrender in the knowing that I truly have no choice now if I want to live, no choice but to follow the real whisper of my heart and soul.

A new direction.
A greater purpose.
My life’s work is changing.

I must step forward, and trust that my path will appear…

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