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December 17, 2020

5 Tips to reduce non-hunger eating

DRINK WATER: Sometimes our bodies confuse hunger with thirst. Make sure you hydrate to quench your thirst and in turn this will help curve your appetite and potential to over eat by filling you up.

DISTRACTION: Pick an activity that you do instead to distract yourself; reading, gardening or going for a walk.  Hopefully, the distraction and time taken is enough for you to realise you weren’t actually that hungry but in fact a bit bored!

MEDITATION: Breath-work can be used to calm whatever emotion may be triggering you to reach for a snack even though you are not hungry. Switching to your parasympathetic system will conserve energy, slow your heart rate and rest the digest system which could help with cravings.

BRUSH YOUR TEETH: You usually don’t want to eat or snack after brushing your teeth at night and doing this when you think you may be reaching for an unnecessary snack might just be enough to prevent yourself from eating until your next meal and better still you’ll have fresh breath and clean teeth!

MAKE A NICE CUP of herbal tea: Make a cup of herbal tea or another favourite healthy drink that feels like it sparks joy inside you. Whether it be a fruity cup of tea or traditional milky cuppa your body may feel uplifted and satisfied by this ritual.

If you have tried all these five tips and still feel hungry then go ahead and grab a small healthy snack that will fuel your body.

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