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December 8, 2020

Connection-The good, bad and ugly of it

I sit here writing today knowing its a very rough day for me. If this blog comes out wonky, I’d like to ask for your grace and I am going to do the same for myself. 🙂


Connection for me means so much. It is the essence of who I am, who I try to remain and what I fight for. Connection to me is knowing we are apart of something larger than us and by hurting someone else, I hurt myself. I feel this way not only towards people but towards plants, animals, the earth- all things alive or once alive. Yes, I am that crazy lady that tries to catch a bug first to throw it outside because I don’t think it should be killed just because it entered my house. LOL.


The good of this is I truly try to consider we all come from different experiences, lives, that we all have our own purpose for entering this life. The bad is when our beautiful souls enter this life and are tainted by bias, experiences, inequalities etc. During these times we begin to lose our confidence, our essence of who we are, our authenticity or we forget that we are all connected in some way, even if it is to teach us who we want to be and don’t want to be. The ugly for me is when you are fighting not to be harmed or others to be harmed. This depletes every ounce of my energy, I become very non functional while I try to maintain some boundaries to not be totally swallowed by the pain it brings me that I or another person is hurting at the hands of someone else.


What I want people to remember is we are all here on this earth trying to do our very best. We are all connected in some way, shape or form and to please be gentle to each other. Truly you never know what personal battle someone is fighting while walking around with a smile on their face. Stay grounded when you meet the bad and ugly; Walk your talk. I plan to do a better job of all of these things myself each day. Love and Blessings to you all!

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