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December 26, 2020

How I Overcame My Limiting Beliefs About Money

There is undeniable power in the potential of our beliefs. They determine thoughts, actions, and our perception of the world around us, affecting us in our everyday lives. Every belief that we uphold can determine the level of happiness and the accomplishments that we encounter. There is a strong link between our beliefs and our success, it can either make or break us. If we know the importance of our belief system then can we really say that we do everything in our power to challenge it? The big question is: Do our beliefs limit or empower our success?

The connection between our beliefs and our reality

Where do beliefs come from?

From the moment that we are brought into this world, we act like sponges, absorbing everything that we see and hear. As children, we mimic everything that our parents do and as we grow into adolescents we adopt the mannerisms and opinions of our friends. Our beliefs are shaped by every experience that we encounter in life, most of which are ingrained at a young age. From the way that people treat us to the circumstances that we go through, it all has an impact on our inner belief system.

Why do we believe our beliefs?

As we grow older we are led further away from the truth that we are an expression of consciousness, and through our nature, we can create the world around us. We become cynical and as time goes on we believe that life is happening to us as opposed to the fact that our thoughts and feelings shape the outcome of our lives. As a result, we take things at face value and believe the subconscious teachings from our family, friends, and acquaintances without questioning much of it ourselves. 

How can we change our beliefs about who we are and reshape our reality?

We can instigate change simply by consciously choosing to create our own beliefs. By identifying the core components of our belief system and replacing any negative beliefs with a positive alternative we can rewire our mind and shift our subconscious mind to one that reflects more prosperity, abundance, and wealth. 

As a child I watched as my parents struggled and fought about money, this formed the belief that “money makes people unhappy.”

I saw my parents juggling multiple jobs to make ends meet, it created the belief in me that you have to work hard for your money. I bought into the idea that life is hard and serious and that there’s no time for fun and enjoyment.

I was told “no” so many times when I wanted something and that I formed a belief that I was undeserving and unworthy of good things.

Yet despite that, I am now living the life of my dreams, I have become the person that I always wanted to be and I have manifested the wealth that I always pictured myself having. Why? Because I changed my beliefs.

How to overcome limiting beliefs

  1. Take a look at your reality, It will show you what you’re thinking.

The current state of our lives is a reflection of our beliefs. Why? Because we manifest what we think, feel, and believe. Our mind creates our thoughts that stem from our belief system and through those thoughts, it will materialize into our reality. So if you want to know and understand the true nature of your thoughts and beliefs all you need to do is simply look around you. Are you satisfied with what you see? If the answer is no then there is something inside of you that is not serving your best interests. There is a belief that you hold that is counterproductive to your goals and desires. Acknowledging your current circumstances is the first important stage in improving your beliefs.

  1. Identify your beliefs

To change your beliefs you need to know what they are. Go deep within and look closely at your behaviors. Do you self sabotage? Do you have any unhealthy patterns or toxic traits? It’s time to face the mirror and deal with what you see. By opening up your limiting beliefs will be revealed to you, helping to identify what is causing you to feel stuck. Some of the most common beliefs that people have are:

I’m not worthy

I’m not loveable

I’m undeserving

I’m not enough

Do any of these resonate with you? Notice your reaction to some of these statements and ask yourself if they are relevant to you.

  1. Insert a new belief

It’s time to change the narrative and adopt a new belief that will create the change that you need in your life. Start by writing out the negative beliefs that you have about yourself and write the opposite next to it, the new and positive statements that you write will now become the basis for your belief system. Implement them into your mind by incorporating them into the practice of daily affirmations, scripting activities, and deep meditation. Focus on this new you and mean it when you repeat these statements. In the same way that you accepted ugly beliefs about yourself, you can start to take on board a new positive belief system. Take these steps on board and you will transform your life.

Although I inherited many counter beliefs to success, I rose above the negativity by questioning what I believed to be true about myself. I started to see myself and act as wealthy and successful and day by day I grew out of my old beliefs and developed into the person that I am today. I never gave up, I consistently pictured myself as successful and living the lavish lifestyle that I now believed that I deserved because I am worthy. By repetitively impressing my mind with this vision of a new me, I became her and so can you.

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