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December 13, 2020

The Best Techniques That I Use to Increase My Manifesting Powers.

If there’s a manifesting technique out there then I’ve probably tried it. In my quest to manifest my dream life and achieve all of the goals that I had set out for myself I had tried everything. From the weird and the wonderful to the gimmicks until I finally landed on the methods and formulas that helped me to enhance my manifestation powers and boost my point of attraction. I’m going to share some of the best methods that I have used to manifest. Your intuition will guide you toward one that is best for you, keep an open mind, and have fun with the process as you create the life of your dreams.


Tapping For Money

Tapping, or the Emotional Freedom Technique, is a tried and test method to decrease emotional distress and anxiety. It is scientifically proven and has been used by countless people around the world to aid their healing journey and restore vitality to their lives. By using your fingertips to tap the 12 major energy meridians in the body, voicing your concerns, and then replacing them with positive affirmations about money, you can release your unconscious fears surrounding success and begin to heal. I’ll admit, at first I thought it was weird but then I noticed that tapping opened a flow of abundance into my life and I would unexpectedly receive money whenever I took part in a tapping session. It’s simple yet effective. Try it! You won’t be disappointed. 


Energy Healing

I was sitting in a beautiful, swanky restaurant in Bal Harbour when I was approached by a woman that I had never met before. She told me that she was drawn to my energy and advised that if I cleared my solar plexus chakra I could manifest my desires with ease. This mysterious and insightful encounter intrigued me, I knew nothing about energy healing yet I was inspired to do some research and look into it. Though most people would’ve found my spiritual rendezvous weird I was left feeling motivated, it’s not every day that you come across people like that. So I followed her advice and I started to work with an energy healer, in a bid to clear my chakras. After just two sessions I noticed a shift in my energy, I felt lighter and, as the mystery lady has said, I discovered that manifesting didn’t feel so hard! 


Repeating Affirmations: 

Affirmations are powerful, they can change your beliefs right down to your core. Whenever you repeat something to yourself you will eventually start to believe it and attract it into your life. Reciting affirmations are a part of my everyday routine, they help me to stay aligned with my desires and in tune with my higher power. When you say an affirmation it has to resonate with you, when you connect with it on an emotional level you will see changes within yourself at a faster rate and it will have more of an impact on you when you say them often. 


Try out my favorite money affirmations:


I am at one with a tremendous amount of money.

I am irresistible to money.

I always have plenty of money.

Everything always works out for my highest good.

Everyone always says yes to me.


Picturing It Done

I have a vivid imagination and over the years it has helped me to manifest the life that I always wanted to lead. I make it a daily practice to picture myself as the person that I want to become, I see myself as my higher self in possession of the wealth that I want, I see myself as a celebrity, as a successful woman, and I emotionally connect with those images and bring it forth into my reality. Take this technique and visualize yourself as the ‘new you’ that you are working to manifest into. Impress these images on yourself on a daily basis and add deep emotion to that picture, not your current reality. Energy goes where attention flows so make sure that you are giving your ideal scenario the awareness that it deserves.


Smelling money. 

This is POWERFUL. Yes, it may sound a little out there but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, the process of smelling money is so simple and yet its potential will draw money to you in ways that you’ve never known. Your subconscious mind creates through your senses and so the smell of money connects with your mind, helping it to manifest more of what it’s experiencing. As your mind focuses on the scent you will replicate more of it into your experience resulting in more money being multiplied to you by the law of attraction.



I enrolled in a hypnosis session led by Marissa Peer, though I was curious I was secretly skeptical about the idea. I had always associated hypnotism with people being coerced into doing ridiculous things like acting like a duck and quacking on stage in front of an audience of people. Thankfully, this was far from what I had envisioned. Through hypnosis, I was able to discover that I was carrying limiting beliefs that I had adopted from my childhood, such as feeling that I wasn’t good enough. Marissa then helped me to work through them and replace them with positive beliefs. Everything that you accept about yourself will become your reality, and so I made the effort to switch my negative beliefs to ‘I am enough’ which has allowed me to feel abundant and attract more wealth.



As an award-winning photographer in my later years, I developed a concept. Usually, we take photographs to capture memories but could we use that to create our future? I began to take pictures of people dressed and acting as if they were the people that they wanted to become. The result was epic transformations in my client’s lives as they slowly materialized into the people that they had always envisioned themselves as. I began to apply this method to my own life and was able to transform myself within 90 days. I went from rock bottom to rock star by coming face to face with the image of my higher self and emotionally aligning with that picture.  According to Maxwell Maltz, a person’s self-image can never outgrow the image of themselves that they have in their mind. By creating a new image of yourself and identifying with that persona, you will create a new personal reality.


Through trial and error, I uncovered the tricks and tips that led to the awakening of my manifestation powers. I took on the challenge for the sake of creating the lifestyle that I had always envisioned for myself and now I am passing on my wisdom to you. There is nothing that you don’t deserve and there is nothing that you can’t have. Discover your power and open your heart and mind to the wonderful possibilities that the Universe brings. Through these techniques, you will unearth the true extent of your manifesting abilities and attract the wealth, abundance, and happiness that you desire. 

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