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January 25, 2021

1111 Again? A Personal Decode

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.

I first started spotting this number sequence right after 9/11.

I tried to ignore it for a long long time.

But 1111 has a way of making itself noticed.

Glance at the clock.




Grocery bill amount.

Rs 1111/-

Random number plate spotted in a traffic jam.

DL 1111

Preschooler goes on a scribbling frenzy.

1111, 2222,3333 on the walls with crayons.

And this significant message from beyond the Universe,

1111 continues to  wake me and remind me.


I am 1.

You are 1.

All is 1.

1111 = Help Another Soul.

It reminds me to transcend myself for a second and put myself in another soul’s shoes or paws. And if I by chance I am unable to volunteer or donate towards the welfare of street children, street animals and wildlife, I can pray for another life the moment I see these numbers. Trusting that soul finds a little peace. After all, we are all 1.

Different interpretations exist on the recurrence of the sequence 1111 in people’s lives, more so after historical events and disasters like the 9/11 attacks in 2001, the Tsunami in 2004, the Pandemic 2020 to name a few. All agree that the numbers are significant and more and more humans are seeing this pattern and taking it to mean something divine, positive and empowering. The above is a personal decode which I’ve been trying to apply in tiny ways since 2001

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