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January 4, 2021

A Poem to Remind My Soul of What’s Out There While I’m Stuck in Here

I wrote this poem sitting at a café in Budapest three years ago in the midst of a month-long backpacking trip through Europe. I remember the feeling of being at peace with myself and with my everchanging environment as I sat there, looking down a bustling stone street in the heart of the city. The warmth of the sun caressed my skin as I basked in the beauty. I was humbled to know this was one of many remarkable places in this world, and I was fortunate to see any number of them.
I haven’t been able to safely nor comfortably travel for close to a year, and that’s something I used to live for–now it’s something I can only long for. Often, I’d plan solo trips or, if I planned trips with other people, I’d always make sure to carve out time to be alone to venture out on my own. I like to get lost to try to find myself, as some people do. I know a lot of people are fully capable and comfortable with vacationing right now, but I’m not. Besides, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it how I’d want to. I love venturing out in a new place with no set destination. I love stumbling upon quaint cafes, friendly bars, and local eateries where I can either lose myself in conversation with a stranger or lose myself in a good book.
Although I have taken this opportunity to familiarize myself with the natural beauty of my home state by taking solo hikes as frequently as possible, I look forward to the moment I can return to a state of exploration beyond these borders.

Out here…
I have fallen in love.

Every curve, every crease.
Such a full body
With soul toppling over the brim of life’s glass

Out here
My heart has been imprinted

Every smile, every glance.
What beauty and desire
With a past I want to hear every story to

Out here
I feel inspired again.

Every breath, every laugh
How I’ll miss the so.
With a longing already, even before I go

To return..
One day
For a moment
For a night
or forever
Out here.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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