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January 17, 2021


Daisy is my 14 weeks old tuxedo kitten. My friend found her on the road and then I decided to adopt her. On December 24, 2020 I wrecked my car and Daisy ran away. We are still looking for her but we haven’t been able to find her.

I still remember when I first saw Daisy near end of September, she was 4 weeks old – very tiny. Her face was huge as compared to her body and specially with her BIG eyes , she made her way straight to my heart. Her eyes so big – full of innocence and ready to explore the surroundings and be in the presence of humans! That was the instant I decided if it’s SHE I will call her DAISY.

Daisy in Norse mythology has a great significance and implies New Beginnings, Purity, Innocence and Love. Tonight while I am contemplating year end and missing Daisy’s purring, I am sure if she was here she wouldn’t let me be sad. Without her my space feels empty and my heart feels hollow.

Here is a short poem for my sweetie pie :

Daisy :
Now and then –
When I open my eyes, I feel you looking at me.
Now and then –
When the noise around me stops, I hear you purring.
Now and then –
When I run to the kitchen, I see you following me.
Now and then –
When my hands are numb, I feel your furry warmth.
Now and then –
I wonder if I could re-wind the time to hold you tight in my arms

~ Satya

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