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February 25, 2021

12 karma laws and how to solve your karma drama

The word karma comes from Sanskrit. It is about a spiritual attitude that says that every action has a consequence. It is irrelevant whether this action only takes place in thought or is actually implemented. When this karma will be fulfilled remains open at first. In some cases it can come to fruition in the same life or in the next incarnation. But what is karma? The 12 karma laws describe how you can solve your karma drama.

In Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, karma is viewed in such a way that every thought or action falls back on the person who was responsible for it. But it would be fatal if we now think of a punishment from God. Because karma has nothing to do with that. There is also karma, which can have positive consequences. So not everything that goes along with the karmic aspects has to have a negative effect.

Karma and fate are not the same

Karma is often confused with fate or even referred to as one and the same. Rather, fate is viewed as an unchangeable event. It cannot be changed nor erased. But the karma can be influenced. As you work on it, you can let go of your karmic aspects. And sometimes a dissolved karmic aspect even has a positive effect on destiny. We realize that in the end the two things are more closely related than one initially thinks.

Karmic aspects result from many lives

The thought of previous life can still be understandable. And also the idea that we made mistakes in previous life. But karma and its tasks, which it entails, is the sum of all lives. To understand this, we have to take up the reincarnation thesis. Because the karmic aspects are passed on from one life to the next, so to speak. So a lot can accumulate there.

Good or Bad Karma?

Perhaps we should move away from the thought of good or bad karma. Because these reviews don’t help you understand the big picture. The karma that has a negative effect on us has a deeper meaning. When we understand why it exists, we can reflect into the action. We are then able to gain wisdom and resolve the karmic aspects.

The 12 karmic laws

Don’t worry, the karmic laws are not a code of law. Think of it as a guide on how to face the karmic aspects. Twelve guiding principles play a role.

Law of cause and effect

Every action you take, whether in thought or in action, has consequences

Law of creation

You can only change something in your life if you take action

Law of humility

You can only change something if you accept it

Law of growth

Society doesn’t change for you. That only works if you change

Law of responsibility

You should take responsibility for all things that you have created. It doesn’t matter whether something good or bad has emerged.

Law of connection

Your past, present and future are strongly interwoven and work as an overall concept

Law of focus

If you focus your full attention on one thing, you can best fulfill it

Law of giving

Your thinking should match your actions and your actions match your thinking.

Law of the here and now

Those who live in the past cannot be present in the present

Law of change

The past repeats itself constantly and only lets you go when you have reflected on the experience and act differently in the future

Law of Patience and Reward

With patience and perseverance, you can experience the reward

Law of Importance and Inspiration

You get what you deserve. Your energetic contribution, which you give with passion, will also be rewarded

Karmic aspects that keep coming back

If you fail to resolve the karmic aspect, it will come back to you. You can think of this as a re-submission of a case. If the case is not resolved, a note will be sent. This note states that the case will be brought back at a later date. Perhaps this happens in this life or in the next.

A classic for a karmic aspect is the assumption of the victim role. There are people who have the experience of being a victim several times in a lifetime. Only when you get rid of it and give up this victim role can you manage to release the karmic aspect.

We see that it makes sense to know one’s karmic issues. Because many people struggle with these karmic tasks and quarrel with them. Some believe that the universe punishes them for having these negative experiences. Others blame third parties for this. But none of this applies. Only one person did the karmic tasks: you yourself! Because your soul wants to be free. And you can only do that if one day all karmic points have been removed.

How can I analyze my karmic aspects?

Do you still have no idea what karma is working for you? Then take a look at astrology. So-called spiritual karma horoscopes can provide you with information. Not only the aspects of this life, but also the past life are analyzed.

Very often the karmic partners come into play. These are people in your life who give you a karmic task. It is not always easy or pleasant when you feel this task. The parents are often the karmic partners or the siblings. Emotional injuries are almost the order of the day. But when you uncover the karmic aspect behind it, you are able to reflect on the situation.

About the author

The author El Maya is a spiritual medium, karma expert and has published few books on the soul, life plan, karma and life after death. This guide contains strategies to reduce your karma and find the soul center. Furthermore, she conducts workshops in mental training, future interpretation, clairvoyance and fortune telling.

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