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February 17, 2021

Hold on

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.

The pain that feels so heavy, that time seems to cease.

A world that stops turning.

And you are all but a stone.

Dropping into a vast ocean, slowly, steadily sinking, no fight left to give.

And there you find yourself, heavy, lost amongst the seabed.

Do not be fearful of the illusion, this is not the end.

I know that the darkness is real, but look, you can see the dawn!.

Maybe not with your eyes, but your heart knows it is coming…

Trust the early morning birdsong, for they know it too.

And out on the horizon, beyond the endless skies, sapphire seeps into black.

Be still, and trust the twilight.

Push forward, you have no choice, take lessons from the tides, breathe in breathe out.

The storms will come, hold on, you will only be lost at sea for a while.

Trust in the moon, for she waxes and wanes too.

Trust in the birds that fly home at dusk ‘how do they know their way?’ you say, they always know their way.

And you do too.

You will always know your way.

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