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March 9, 2021

The hidden beast

There’s this beast inside crying ‘me’! ‘me! ‘me!’
My needs, my wants; it’s only about me
I Will do whatever it takes
But it’s only me.
No place for others
Only me.

And I tried to satisfy it.
But it never was enough.
Never contemplate for a second what it took out of me
To give my life, my everything
Yet no thanks.
No gratitude.

It couldn’t fill your belly.
You only wanted more and more.
‘When will it be enough?” I ask
“How can it be enough?” you growled.
I want more and more.
I will never be satisfied.
I am hungry for blood.

“Why?”I ask?
Because of what you did to me.
“What did I do? I ask
Caged me and kept me
all alone like an animal.
Locked and kept with no one to see.
I cried and cried and cried.
But no one heard my cries.

No one care for me- and what I had to say
Years went by, and I grew old,
Long, hair and nails
looking like an animal.
Now I scare you.

“Better to scare than to be scared
Better to reign terror than be terrified, ” Dad taught me.
Coz no one is coming to help us.
We are on our own.
So we’ll do what we have to survive.
Will terrorise and frighten people
and take the life out of their souls.

They deserve nothing else,
nothing better.
For crushing the light out of our souls.
Now I am soulless and angry.
I want you to know how to feel soulless like me.

“Can I help you get your soul?” I ask
No its too late.
No, it never is.
“I can help you”, I say
I can do something for you.
I’m not sure….

I know I have it in me.
I know what it is.
I have to love you just as you are
with no soul, dirty and ragged.
And only then will you get your soul back.
But can I?
Do I have it in me
I’m not sure.

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