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April 25, 2021

Hunt me

Photo by Elina Krima on Pexels.

hunt me

In almost every non- monogamy group on almost any platform, unicorn hunting is the devil’s work. Unethical, unrealistic – is just a couple things that people will throw at you. The term in itself is sarcastic – “unicorns don’t exist and neither do people who don’t want to be prioritized in some way”. I’m not in on this. To me, both magic and yes, unicorns exist. We are the people of any gender/sexual orient who, quite frankly, don’t care about being a priority to anyone. Perhaps we enjoy sex, romantic engagement but that is or can be – seperate from the need to be validated or held in high regard. Of course all humans should be respected but that too is seperate from needing to be placed in a hierarchical order. I currently live in this space – I AM valuable. I am valuable for life, for a night and sometimes only a moment in the lives of others but I recognize my value all on my own pretty much all of the time. I am a unicorn. I am a magical being in friendship, love and all the other ways we categorize relationships. What makes me so magical? It’s a practice actually, I’m magical because I practice self love, self actualization, self awareness, self sufficiency, independence, forgiveness, Taoism, Buddhism, integrity reports, logic, the list goes on really. For those of you who don’t relate to magical terminology, it’s also a science. Neuroscience, you have a brain and you have the power to tap into its depth and your understanding of it through research and or therapy. In conclusion, I’d like to add – being a unicorn isn’t the only way to be marvelously magical. If you choose hierarchical practices there’s magic in your honesty about that. We’re all magical, multifaceted creatures with infinite love to give.

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