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April 14, 2021

Letting Go – Why we have it all wrong

Before we get to the *how* let’s start with those words “let go” because we have it all wrong.

If I was to ask you how the words “let go” make you feel in the sentence, I had to let go of my dying grandma, what would your answer be? Sad, painful? If I was to ask you how the words “let go” make you feel when you read the sentence the company let go of 100 employees right before the holidays, what would your answer be?  Sad, horrible? There are countless examples where the words “let go” create a nervous system reaction of fight, flight or freeze. There is a fear, low vibrational based response being raised in the body when the soul hears those words. So why on earth are we using the very same words to encourage us to grow and develop our beings? Counter-intuitive it seems or it actually is.

When you can discover the words that resonate with your individual mind, “letting go” can be achieved with ease. Perhaps the words “let go” work for you. There is a possibility “let go” is free flowing for you. Your mind, body, soul allows you to “let go” of xyz and there is no resistance for you to do so.

Should “letting go” be difficult for you, there other words that can provide a more beneficial result to develop and grow. These can include release, free, liberate, shed. In this type of development, it is important to remember to avoid words that have prefix’s like disengage, untangle, unleashing. Also, avoid using negative positives or positive negatives, for example, stress free or less anxious. Instead you want to say peaceful or calm. When the mind can clearly and precisely process and understand the directions of the thought, then the emotion assuming it is negative, can begin to release, to move through, flow through the physical body. Hence not being held onto and not needing to be “let go”.

We are looking at it all wrong. Okay so what is right? There are steps to the process of “letting go”

1. Acknowledgement – is there something in your mind, body, soul that you want to release? The answer must be a yes and it will be because your analytical mind, your everyday mind is telling you it wants to “let go” – that’s why you are reading this, right.

2. Accept – is your mind, body and soul accepting of the fact that you want to be free. The answer must be a yes. If there is emotion that arising here, i.e.; you start to feel like crying or shorten your breathe or sickened, then the nervous system and your soul are trying to tell you otherwise. The “parts” of you are trying to tell you that this is not okay in their world, there is danger. And the “parts” of you know this because of a belief system that have been created by you and the “parts” of you in the past. We must remind our whole being that it is safe, it is okay to be free.

3. Release – Forgive and Thank – At this step you want to forgive yourself for all the situations, emotions, beliefs that arose from the lower vibration of whatever it is you are trying to “let go”. Truly forgive yourself, write it down, I truly forgive my past and myself, say it out loud over and over for your subconscious, energy field and soul to hear. Thank the part of you for being with you, if you are releasing pain, anger, shame, guilt, fear, be thankful, show gratitude. Write it down and say it out loud over and over for your subconscious, energy field and soul to hear.

4. Create – Now using the information from the start of this piece, put the words that are serving you in a sentence. Make sure the sentence is clear, precise and exactly what you want. This can be tricky at the start, especially if the familiar for you is to use the “wrong” words, hence why it is so hard to “let go”. Some examples can include, I choose to be at peace with my choices or I want to be calm within myself. Now you have your sentence for what you want to create. Write them down, see them everywhere, start living them and soon your life will be them, you will have “let go” and recreated the life you deserve.

Stacey Deimos

Stacey Deimos, a graduate therapist of Marisa Peers world renowned Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Certified Hypnotherapist, Meditation Practitioner, Therapeutic Massage Therapist, Energy Healer, Speaker, Owner at Evexia Macedon Ranges. Stacey utilizes deep meditation to discover the cause, root, reason of the presenting issue. Stacey will interact with the subconscious mind, this allows her clients to gain a perspective away from the analytical mind, to receive the answers her clients, need to release, making space for change. Stacey also works with the energy fields of the client & universe to receive information allowing her to guide clients to release & clear their mind, body and souls. The results from this method are outstanding & empowering.

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