April 1, 2021

The Hidden Power of Dreams.

Dreams are doorways to the soul.

They allow people to process latent emotions while at rest. Hidden thoughts and feelings rise to the surface and are often explored in a dream state.

It is an opportunity to acknowledge what has been ignored or suppressed in our waking moments. Dreams can also include profound insight concerning love, career, and personal growth.

Deceased loved ones may visit us in dreams to provide comfort and emotional support. When I was a small child, no older than seven, I had a vivid dream about my maternal great-grandmother. Interestingly, we never met. She passed a number of years before I was born.

During the dream, I stared into a mirror and when I looked at my reflection, I saw her. I instantly knew it was my great-grandmother. Her name was Hazel Rose, but everyone called her Nanny. I told her that I missed her, and she said she missed me too. Then, I reached into the mirror and wrapped my arms around her. We shared a long, deep hug and after that, she was gone.

Roughly a year later, my home life began to collapse. It was tumultuous, chaotic, and dysfunctional. My parents were at odds, and I felt so alone. As I reflected back, it was clear that Nanny appeared to provide comfort and healing. She knew what I would eventually face and understood that I needed to feel loved.

Visitations from loved ones are often like that. We don’t realize how much we need their support until they are gone. The dead never really leave us though. They circle around and embrace us, waiting to be honored and exalted. We speak their names and call out to them. They are waiting to meet us in the dream state, dancing between worlds.

Reach out and open your heart. Hear their laughter and feel their wisdom, curling around your soul. Love never dies, you know. The dead always live; smiling, shining, and living inside our hearts.

While the details of dreams may vary, they often fall into three categories.

These categories illuminate their significance and reveal the deeper meaning of what the dreamer is experiencing.

Prophetic Dreams: Involve future events that come true. This can include information about friends, family, or coworkers. They can also produce details that may feel impersonal at first. For example, world events that may occur in other countries but have a global effect. The purpose is to prepare the dreamer for what is to come, whether that be positive or negative.

Cathartic Dreams: Present an opportunity to work through complicated emotions, relationships, and spiritual lessons. They are emotionally charged and may contain moments of extreme joy, confusion, or deep sadness. They may also include interactions with friends, family, or even strangers.

The purpose of these interactions is to allow full expression of dormant emotions. Sometimes, it is easier to release emotions in a dream state first. This is often the catalyst for expressing thoughts and feelings in real life.

Visitation Dreams: Involve deceased loved ones who visit from the other side. At times, there will be in-depth conversations with loved ones that are healing. Other times, the loved ones will remain silent but their presence is deeply felt. The purpose of these dreams is to offer emotional support and confirm the people we love are at peace.

Tips for Remembering Dreams:

Remembering dreams is not always an easy process, but it is definitely possible. It helps to have a dream journal to record your experiences. This can be a simple notebook or a journal that is personally decorated. Placing the journal by your bedside sets the intention to recall what happened while sleeping.

It’s helpful to record your impressions upon waking, as they are fresh in your mind. It is also important to note, you will not remember every dream or every detail. Simply write down what you can and trust that is enough.

With time, it may be helpful to revisit the pages of your journal and see which dreams came true. It may also be beneficial to see which dreams reflect the challenges, triumphs, and lessons you learned. Additionally, dreams of loved ones may have provided comfort and hope at times when you needed it most.

The dream world is magical in that way. It allows us to explore what lives inside our hearts. It presents countless pathways for healing, self-study, and emotional release. Dreaming is an opportunity to free ourselves. We move beyond the confines and labels of this world and take a moment to kiss the soul.

It’s a magical experience once we are open and willing to receive it. We just have to listen. Our dreams are waiting.


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