June 19, 2021

How to Let the F*ck Go when we’re Triggered, Angry & Betrayed.


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*Warning: well-deserved cursing ahead!


My heart started racing, my blood pressure rose, and I got hot, anxious, and angry.

Oh, so that’s how they really feel, huh? That’s how it is? That’s what they think of me?”

“Just let it go,” I told myself.

“No, fuck that. Type up a message, call them out,” said another self.

“It won’t do any good. Look at you, you’re feeling worse now, and clearly, your truth is meaningless to this person. They can’t comprehend you. Don’t make it worse; just let it go.”

I set my phone down. I raged inside.

“Feel. What is it you’re feeling?” 

Angry. Betrayed. Foolish. Naïve. Hurt. Triggered. Tense. Nauseated.

“Okay, allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling. Breathe in. Breathe out.”

“Nope,” I thought, “Still there. I have to say something.”

(Type, type, type. Delete.)

“Go back to feeling.”

(Type, type, type. Delete.)

“Breathe out all this negativity. Breathe it out of you.”

(Type, type, type. Delete.)

“Acknowledge it. Feel it. Breathe through it. Heal it. 

Their opinions are just opinions. They belong to them, not you. Don’t carry that shit. Don’t feed it, either.

Breathe it out. 

Breathe in healing life energy…

Breathe out other people’s bullshit opinions of you that you don’t need to own.”

This process recycled at least three times, but eventually, I was no longer consumed. I no longer felt it in my body.

I was truly able to let it go. 

I then protected my energy by removing the source—releasing what doesn’t serve my wellness.

I lied in the same spot an hour later. Still. Breathing in love.

I had sat with myself long enough to feel my feelings, giving myself space to process and release in the moment.

Which, in some cases, may take much longer than this one had. And that’s okay. Sometimes we may need to repeat it—again and again and again.

The important thing is being mindful of our feelings—where they are coming from and what we do with them puts us back into our power.

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