July 6, 2021

In Stillness, we Find Gratitude. {Poem}

This is my life.

This is my life—

I’ve noticed myself thinking,

when I hold my love’s hand

as we are walking,

and when I see his face

still asleep in the morning

with the summer light shining in.

The same light I used to curse,

for arriving too early.

The summer light

says to be still

and that

there is still

time to rest.

This is the time to rest.

Grace, it gives me.

Grace!—It forgives me,

even though I questioned

its purpose,

its reason for shining.

This is my life,

I find myself thinking,

with the summer light glimmering,

as I am wondering

What is this feeling?

This nudge

ever prodding,

this yearn,

ever moving,

me to tears.



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Read 6 comments and reply

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